Xbox One vs PS4: The Ultimate Comparison (Review)

Hulu Plus Free for 2 Weeks! Xbox One vs PS4! Our ultimate review and comparison covering graphics, controllers, exclusive games, …

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51 thoughts on “Xbox One vs PS4: The Ultimate Comparison (Review)

  1. Our in-depth look at the new Xbox One vs PS4, covering graphics, games,
    controllers, exclusives and more! Feel free to +1/Share if you enjoyed! 

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  3. Not getting a console till mid 2014 but the reasons why I am getting a Xbox
    is 1) less likely to overheat. 2 ) All ps i have had have died on me
    withing 2-3 years and when i got a xbox 360 slim it has been so reliable 3
    ) And overall layout of the main menu I like windows 8 and ps4 menus looks
    very confusing to me

  4. People tend to forget about the xbox use of the cloud. This is going to
    allow developers to have 3x the resources to use when building a game. When
    developers fully understand and use the cloud to its full potential in the
    future it is going to be really interesting to see what comes out of it! 

  5. I went on Youtube and everyone is bagging on the Xbox One because of the
    specs, but the difference in specs is barely even noticeable. With the
    power of the cloud, once its fully active, the Xbox One will be as strong
    as 3 Xbox Ones on that one console alone. I am just getting Aggravated so
    much, people don’t care about the 7th gen, we’re on 8th gen now and they
    don’t even care about the good times the Xbox 360 and the PS3 brought to
    the community. So, guys. Rejoice with all the good memories the th gen gave
    us and give the 8th gen some time to prove itself and just enjoy the best
    generation of gaming, yet to come.

  6. My complaint with the PS4 is that some of the launch games are poorly
    optimized to the point where they would freeze more than once in an hour
    via Assassins Creed 4 and Battlefield 4. I would also lose internet
    connection for no apparent reason.

  7. So is someone an idiot because they get an xbox one because they like the
    exclusives more?I mean somewhat might want to play dead rising
    3,titanfall,halo,quantum break over knack,killzone,infamous and god of war
    simply because a ton of those are sequels.Xbox seems to be getting new
    exclusives while ps4 is going to suffer from sequelitis,the only original
    exclusive they have is knack and it really isn’t next gen feeling.

  8. I would have went with the Xbox One if they didn’t require you to have AA
    batteries, Kinect, and service time to access other services. Kinect is
    honestly one of my favorite things on the Xbox 360, but forcing me to buy
    it with the Xbox One is just too much. I’d rather wait until I find
    something Kinect related that interest me before making the jump. Some
    might say “Oh, $100 bucks isn’t a lot,” but with that $100 bucks, I can
    easily buy a game + service time, which is far more valuable than a Kinect.

  9. Why not just use the XMB? I thought that was the best menu system i ever
    seen and the xboxone just lookes like windows 8

  10. ill take the xbox one because of the kinect… tried it and it was
    amazing… ps4 brings nothing new to the table.. its just a ps3 upgraded

  11. I don’t know which one I want to get. I am leaning towards the Xbox One
    mostly because of the controller. And I do like like a couple of the Xbox
    One only games more than the Playstation 4 games. But I really don’t want
    to buy that stupid camera.

  12. OK, here is the deal. This guy on this video is encouraging you to use PS4
    instead of encouraging you to use whichever one you want. I am a XBOX fan
    and if I was him, I would tell them the good stuff about each of the
    consoles and let you ppl decide wich one you like in the comments.

  13. I would say that ps4 is good, for now though. Right now I am waiting until
    Microsoft invents a BETTER Xbox One. 

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  15. having to go to the ctos control center reminds me of farcry 3 when you
    have to go all the way up to the tower to unlock and see the rest of map

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  17. i dont like that you can be hacked randomly… what if you just want to lay
    back and play, or your doing a mission.. Is there anyway to turn off this
    feature, that we know of so far?

  18. its awesome how other people can get into your single player but i think
    its gonna get a little annoying after a while!!!

  19. Cliche cover system that allows the player to aim without breaking cover,
    even adding a slow motion feature to make it even easier. All that depth
    ruined by a boring cover system.

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