Xbox One vs PS4 – Full Comparison

Microsoft Xbox One vs Sony PS4 – Full Comparison Thumbs up for a Xbox One and PS4 Playstation 4 Giveaway! Sony Playstation 4: Microsof…
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26 thoughts on “Xbox One vs PS4 – Full Comparison

  1. I’ll pick the first winner around the Christmas! Let me know which one you
    guys want. Also, which games would you love to have? 

  2. I bought xbox one. I like them both the same though. Power plays a big part
    in my console decision, and the ps4 has slightly more power and better
    graphics. Although I went with xbox one because it’s still much more
    powerful then wii u and older consoles. Plus I prefer the features and
    online service xbox live has, and the controller is more comfortable then
    ps4 controller in my opinion, and I have more friends who went with xbox
    one. And that’s why I picked xbox one over ps4.

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  4. There both great consoles and u really can’t make a bad choice. The ps4 is
    more for gaming only but the xbox1 is like a family theater center rolled
    in one. The difference will be the exclusive titles which Xbox one is
    leading on so far. Price might also play a factor along with availability.
    If at all possible I would love an xbox1 brom if there’s anything I need to
    do to get one let me know please. I’m dying to play one. Big ups on the
    bid, great work.

  5. with the 360 i always had to pay microsoft to watch netflix, now with my
    ps4 i dont have to pay the online to watch netflix. for tv ill just switch
    to my cable box and the snap thing is usless and so iss all of the kenect

  6. Can someone just give me an opinion on what they prefer other than “They
    are both good?” I understand both are really good but I come to watch a
    video looking for what is the creator’s official choice between the two is.
    That’s just what I’m looking for.

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