Xbox One Modded Controllers Now Available from IntensaFireStore

New York, NY (PRWEB) January 31, 2014

Gamers and fans of the Xbox One gaming experience now rejoice as 2 months after the epic release of the Xbox One console, IntensaFireStore®, the leading website for PS4 modded controllers is proud to announce that Xbox One modded controllers are now available for purchase. Monumental investments and expansion to the engineering, design and production divisions have shortened the lead time from console release to controller mod availability to less than 2 months, a first for the industry and a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the entire IntensaFireStore® team.

All New Mods, Modes and Features

This all new IntensaFire® controller mod for the Xbox One is unlike any controller mod that’s been out in the past and unique when compared to supposed competitors. Years of research, development, design and feedback from gamers have gone into this revolutionary X1 Master Mod Rapid Fire Package. This all new rapid fire controller mod pushes the envelope of next generation gaming and ensures gamers get the most out of their Xbox One gaming experience. Newly optimized modes for the Xbox One platform include Stealth Rapid Fire, Auto Burst Fire, Akimbo Dual Wielding Rapid Fire, Drop Shot, Quick Scope, Fast Reload, Jump Shot, Auto Aim, Turbo Melee, Sniper Breath and a fully adjustable, user programmable rapid fire mode.

Fully Customizable: Gamers Gain Complete Control

Gamers can choose to create-a-controller to their liking by utilizing the Xbox One controller creator. Gamers have free reign to choose from unparalleled controller upgrade options such as custom painted and chrome Xbox One controller shells, Colored LED Guide Buttons, professionally stylized KMD Thumb Grips, No Scope Sniper Decals and the famous IntensaFireStore® no hassle, best-in-the-business Extended 1 Year Warranty. For Gamers looking for that something extra, IntensaFireStore® is proud to announce its Custom Gamertag Imaging is now available on its Xbox One modded controllers.

For gamers not quite ready to make the leap to next-generation gaming, IntensaFireStore® still employs significant resources and development in the realm of the current generation modded controllers including PS3 modded controllers and Xbox 360 modded controllers. Innovations on that front include one-of-a-kind hydro dipped patterns including the ever-popular Camouflage patterns and the Skulls of Anarchy pattern now featured in White, Green and Red.

About Us: IntensaFireStore has been offering customizable rapid fire and modded controllers for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4 for over 7 years and is proud to announce expansion into the Xbox One modded controller realm. With offices in both the US and Canada, IntensaFireStore® is a multinational company able to uniquely cater and serve its clientele on both sides of the border with technologies and innovations that have withstood the test of time. Although most popular amongst gamers of first-person-shooter games, the unique technologies and innovative features of IntensaFireStore® brand modded controllers translate to almost every game in the Xbox and PlayStation lineup. Gamers can learn more by visiting or calling toll free to 1-888-779-1377.

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