Wii U – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze TV Commercial

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Wii U – Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze TV Commercial

  1. i don’t think fictional video game characters should be associated with

    this is just weird & promotes autism

  2. I don’t care about gorillas or Italians (not real Italians, they’re
    wonderful people with a great culture. I’m talking about the plumbers), I
    want bayonetta!

  3. i for one thought the voiceover guy was pretty good. he wasn’t amazing but
    i thought that ” donkey kong’s got your back” line was a good way to start
    it off. just one person opinion.

  4. Man, I hope MK8 gets more trailers now that this game is out the way. Maybe
    they’ll announce Diddy in Smash Bros., or maybe we’ll get Bowser Jr. in
    Smash because of MK8. (I’m not holding my breath, but a guy can dream)

  5. you know nintendo your commercials are getting better, but they still kinda
    suck. I know people are gonna rage at me for saying that so I’m just gonna
    make it clear that when I get the money I am gonna buy a wii u and this is
    without a doubt one of the first games I’m gonna get for it but not because
    of the commercials but because I know from experience that the games are
    gonna be great. The problem that you’re getting nintendo is that because of
    these commercials and the “kiddie company” stereotype I’d say about 95% of
    teenage gamers that I know in my high school are going with playstation and
    xbox because thats where their marketed towards. So the vast majority of
    new gamers that follow what games are coming out just ignore the wii u and
    nintendo games. The audience that the wii appealed to doesn’t know the wii
    u exists because the proper commercials haven’t been out there, the young
    kids which nintendo is stereotyped as appealing to don’t play these games
    because the difficulty is too high for most 5-10 year olds and what that
    leaves you with is the main market for the wii u being the people that grew
    up with nintendo back in the NES days and those people will want to buy
    this regardless of whether they see a commercial or not as they still
    follow releases and news coming out of E3. What you need to do with these
    commercials is appeal to new gamers by making platformers seem cool again.
    They have never lost their charm but for people who grew up with FPS games
    they see it and say thats not mature enough for me so I don’t care about
    it. For people who know the fun that comes out of a good platformer all
    they need to see is some great gameplay and they will be in. My advice
    would be to show some epic gameplay in these and also make sure to get
    third party support on the wii u. If you had rockstar, ea, and activision
    completely on board with all their big releases and managed to spike some
    interest in nintendo games for people who have overlooked them in the past
    then you would have a winning console. When people were to be deciding what
    to buy they would say well I have my cod, my gta, my assassins creed, my
    battlefield, my sports games and all this on all 3 consoles, but I saw that
    donkey kong game that looked interesting on wii u and its $100 cheaper so
    why not get the wii u. Just nintendo games alone, especially poorly
    marketed ones aren’t enough to sell consoles to people who weren’t already
    gonna buy one. Sorry for the length of that but I had to get it all out,
    thanks to anyone who actually finished reading it.

  6. O.K listen Nintendo I need you to talk some sense into SEGA about making
    Billy hatcher 2 and making it a Wii U exclusive.

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