Why Do Many Orthodontists Recommend Clear Braces?

An orthodontist is a dentist with specialised training in orthodontics or braces.  An orthodontist should be registered with the GDC and regularly attend further training in orthodontics.

Types of Orthodontics

There are many types of orthodontics.  Popular types include:

– Clear braces – these are clear or invisible like Clearstep or Inman Aligner.

– Conventional braces – metal or ceramic braces traditionally used to correct misaligned teeth.-

Removable braces- these are special orthodontic braces that can be removed for eating and cleaning.

Advantages of Orthodontics 
– Orthodontics can be non invasive.

– It may be necessary to remove teeth

– You can keep your normal teeth look.

Disadvantages of Orthodontics 
– If your teeth are very crowded, teeth may need to be removed to create space.  Orthodontic treatment takes time and is not instant

– Orthodontic treatment can take from 2 – 24 months depending on the severity of the mal occlusion.

– A retainer must be worn to prevent relapse of the corrected teeth.

Conventional metal braces can be unsightly and very uncomfortable as they are made up of individual brackets which are bonded to each tooth to be moved.  On top of these metal brackets a combination of wires and silicon bands are attached to the brackets and put pressure on the teeth so as to move them into the right place.  Also conventional metal braces have so many intricate parts to them it is very difficult to clean them and so makes oral hygiene a nightmare which may lead to other problems with bleeding gums and also decay.

Orthodontists recommend clear braces because they are very discreet and in the case of an older client this may be paramount.  It would not create disruption in their every day jobs or their social life.  Also clear braces are easily removable and so the client’s daily hygiene routine would not be compromised.

It is important when consulting an orthodontist or cosmetic dentist to make sure that the limitations and advantages of clear braces such as Clearstep and Inman Aligner are explained to you.  For example if your teeth are misshapen, discoloured and crowded or gappy orthodontics (braces) may need to be followed by cosmetic dentistry.
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