Useful Conference Call Rules

The conference call service is something very common these days especially among people who run their own international business. But before you start using this service, you need to get to know with some of the basic things you have to be careful about. When you hold a conference call, you talk to more than one person and in most of the case, you don’t see each other faces so it could be very hard to make the meeting useful. Here are some basic rules that can do the opposite.
It is very important to synchronize your watches because of the different time zones. If you are in the United States, and one of the participants in the call is in China, then you have to arrange the call in proper for both sides hour. As for the time, do your best not to be late. Set an alarm a few minutes earlier in order to start the conference call on time.
Try not to use a mobile phone. It is really recommended to use a land line because of the mute feature it offers, which cell phones very often don’t have. If however, you don’t have any other choice but using your mobile phone, you can at least try to make your comments as brief as possible.
Use a headset instead of speaker phone or a handset. Holding the last one for a long period of time is very tiring and talking on the speaker is sometimes really annoying. The headset is the best option especially if you are expecting a long conference call. It also reduces the ambient noise around you and provides better quality of the call.
Organize your documents and materials no matter what they are. Put all your papers in order and formulate your questions in advance in order not to take it too long to react. It will be even better to write all your ideas and suggestions on a piece of paper and have them in front of you during the meeting.
Making a conference call is sometimes harder than it looks, but keeping close to these recommendations will reduce the possible problems to the minimum.

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