Unboxing the Nintendo Wii Mini

http://cnet.co/1awnbn5 The company’s no-frills console makes its way stateside. Scott Stein unboxes the brand-new Nintendo Wii Mini.

25 thoughts on “Unboxing the Nintendo Wii Mini

  1. If you have a Wii ignore this. It’s for people with less money and who
    don’t need internet and other extra features
    Just like the 2ds it’s not for everyone. It’s just nintendo doing
    something nice for poorer people.

  2. So he looks for an hdmi and the console doesn’t supports hdmi if you want
    hdmi cable go buy yourself a wii u at least is backwards compatible and you
    could play all wii games with internet as well. But this is for those who
    already have a console and want to change it up a bit for some family
    gaming or for those who didn’t wanted to get a wii so now they can get it
    for a lot cheaper price. Or just for collectioners.

  3. i like that the free game comes on disk for folks who cant play
    online,however no internet support.sorry nintendo its 2013 and this is
    going to fail

  4. No internet, flip open disc door, no HD, no GameCube games… what the f*ck
    Nintendo the PS2 had online connection years ago

  5. This is a good system to buy, so you can keep it at your grandmas. So you
    can play when you come over, and most grandmas don’t have wifi so that
    won’t matter

  6. Eh Mario Kart Wii is $35-40 roughly new, the controller and nun chuck are
    worth about 40-50.. and you have the console worth about $30-40 bucks.. not
    too bad I guess if you think about it.

  7. Ok, I really want to play my Wii games. It’s been a few months now. I
    really want to get this and I know all the stuff that’s been taken away
    from it and how terrible it is, I don’t care about that. There’s just one
    problem: I have WiiWare games on my old Wii. I know how to get my Wii games
    on a Pin drive, but has anybody been able to transfer WiiWare games on a
    Pin Drive to the Wii Mini? I wouldn’t want to get this unless I know how to
    transfer the games that console. I do not want this Wii unless I can play
    Punch-Out, Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 3, or Super Metroid on
    it….. I really need help. Does anybody know how to do it or have a link
    to a site that would show me?

  8. its all right but its great cuz you get a red remote and nunchuck which is
    hard to find and mario kart wii which is very expensive on its own and hard
    to fin i would rate it a 7/10 its all right

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