Types Of Conference Calls

Gone are the days when you had to manually type in countless telephone numbers just to be able to communicate with different individuals. Now, thanks to the technology that brought about various conference calling services, you can converse with people located at different places easier, conduct business meetings much faster and settle decisions quicker. Companies and businesses which embrace these technological services are presented with multiple options that can really be of big help in boosting the business such as easy expansion in other areas. There are primarily five main important kinds of conference calls that are used to connect with people in a hassle-free manner.

Listed below are the five main types of conference calls.

Operator Assisted Conference Call: This is a kind of conference call where operators assigned will monitor and record all incoming and outgoing calls. It enables employees to streamline and manage meetings in a very efficient and effective manner thereby helping you take more informed and well thought of decisions. The major advantage of having an operator assisted conference call is that you will get the services of a professional operator who is capable enough to handle call details without any delays or any kind of problems.

Operator-Dialled Conference Call: In this type of conference call, the operator dial-outs each and every member of the discussion or meeting and adds them to the conference call. In this type of conference call, you can also ask the operators to perform various kinds of pivotal activities such as noting down the minutes of the meeting, declare poll results and so on, to name a few.

Reservationless Conference Call: This is a very commonly used type of a conference call. This type is perfect for those businesses or people who conduct everyday meetings and spontaneous meetings. It is essentially a pay-per-use service where you are not required to make a reservation or book a call with your service providing company. With this conference call, you can organize meetings at any time of day just by using the dedicated dial-in numbers and different conference IDs.

Visual Conference Calls: This type of video conference call is very much different from the standard phone calls. In this type, you can actually see all of the participants present in the meeting, resembling an actual meeting. You could also make decisions on matter quickly. However, in order to make this particular kind of call possible, a webcam and a reliable internet connection are necessities.

Three-way Calling: This type of call is one of the most conventional types used in a conference meeting where the communication takes place between three individuals. This type is basically suited for those people who organize business meetings occasionally.

Different businesses and different individuals have different needs, therefore, it is important that one must be cautious and smart enough to choose the perfect conferencing option, so that no money or time is wasted. With the help of these business conference calls, you will not just feel disconnected with your team members but will also take your organization to the next level.

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