The Totally Rad Show – Game Developers Conference 2011

GDC special with first hand reports of Uncharted 3, Batman: Arkham City, inFamous 2, Darkness 2, Dead Island, and more! Jeff is back from San Francisco for t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Click this to watch Inside Gaming Plus: Hunted: The Demon’s Forge Interview with Brian Fargo (inXile CEO)! Inside …
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “The Totally Rad Show – Game Developers Conference 2011

  1. @funnyontheinside yeah I thought Jeff is sexy too! I’m glad he only had a
    mustache for a day. He looked hilarious! Hope Dead Island doesn’t suck.
    What a waste of awesome trailer.

  2. @thinker900 hardcore you probably think i’m an call of duty nerd or an
    HARDCORE and i am ofended for u to call me that i mean i already started
    trolling cose you want me to you know i love playing video games and i love
    playing them for fun not hardcore. but i take it kinda “seriously” that
    some guy thinks that all the best games out there are pos-apocaliptic or
    war games and you’re kinda ingnorant to think that

  3. The UC3 footage is totally amazing, i love the way the story seems to be
    heading. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on inFamous2, the
    unlimited content alone is GoTY worthy.

  4. @nervusKID44 Well, what do you expect when you comment “go play you Wii?”
    ONly hardcore’s tend to make such immature comments(not that I’m not guilty
    of that). Anyway, why did you comment the first time if you had the same
    oppinion as I did with my first?

  5. @nervusKID44 It’s not about being a TROLL. I’m dishing out whatever I’ve
    been given in return. In others words if your a prick than I’ll be the
    same. And no I don’t have a freakin Wii. I’m just tired of all these new
    game developers catering to HARDCORES. Not to be confused with a GAMER,but
    those that only crave explosions,guns,sex,violents, and graphics in their
    video games. Not that I mind a quarter of these things, but I like things
    that take my into a different world through active stories.

  6. FOR FUCK SAKE the family died in dead island dont expect them to come back
    in full shape like it never even happ, they only wanted to show how stuff
    is turning out in the zombie apocalypse D:<<

  7. @GeckoKing44 You mean Bungie is; Halo is a video game. And Uncharted,
    Killzone, and Heavy Rain? I love those games! Thanks for reminding me.

  8. Oh please god, let not be another show with the majority of games are war
    oriented and or post apocalytic. Or ones filled with sex violence and
    explosions but no real story.

  9. @xxxfunnyguyxx08 ps2 had eye toy sony been doin this stuff for awhile now
    show dumb ass wake up and u calling me a kid plz i am far from it child
    well in child like ur self i am but i am still young

  10. @11128bmar i don’t give two shits what sony does, but it is fucking obvious
    that they didn’t copy microsoft when it is inspired from a nintendo
    product. i highly doubt that sony sucks when they are a huge multi milloin

  11. I’m o Wii fanboy, but a PS3 supporter, and to comment – this is such a
    blatant Wii copy. It comes with Wii Spor– my bad, Move Party They shouldve
    kept with Arc, or called it Wave or Rave? Maybe Fusion

  12. No one cares for Blu ray and Graphics don’t make the game, if you’re a true
    gamer you would understand what I ment by my last statement.

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