The Sony PS4 Makes Its Debut

Jimmy tests out the Sony PS4 with fellow gamer Ice-T. Subscribe NOW to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon…

In all the excitement surrounding PS4, here are 20 things you might have missed. Apologies for the mistake at 02.40! Nathan has been punished. DualShock 4 Ha…

50 thoughts on “The Sony PS4 Makes Its Debut

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  3. WOW!!! The Playstation company really went all out but im actually
    surprised how low its price is. i mean in my country its price is over 700.

  4. I was very disappointed with Sony this time around. I own a PS1, PS2, PS3,
    and now the PS4. Unfortunately my PS4 does not work out of the box all I
    get is a pulsing blue light. I have followed all the instructions on the PS
    forums to fix this problem and nothing works. I have never experienced this
    problem with Sony products before but I am so disappointed that Sony would
    let systems like this pass quality control testing.

  5. Guys, I need help! I will fly from Thailand (my country) to New York during
    new year’s eve. The question is, will I be able to get PS4? will they be

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  7. The only thing that’s wrong with the PS4 is that you have to get PS plus
    which is extra money. This is the reason for why I switched to PC, we don’t
    need to have subscriptions.

  8. Xbox One, Okay so Xbox One had a couple defects on Day One Edition and most
    people who bought it between November 1st 2013 and November around
    Thanksgiving. All the new Xbox Ones are working great! But just people who
    pre-ordered it are complaining (Like every other time a new next-gen
    console comes.) PS4 has its advantages but Xbox One has superior support
    and long lasting consoles. PS4 on the other hand has great graphics not so
    good support, but they have a long lasting console guarantee I guess you
    could say.

  9. What it comes with a HDMI cable wow i’m not hating it’s just you can buy
    that quality one for like 7 dollars and it realy dosen’t change the

  10. All I’ve got to say for those fanboys down there that are talking shit
    about the PS4 is that you can love whatever console you want (or PC, wich
    is not a console). I’m really more of a Nintendo guy, I hate the Xbox, I
    really like PlayStation consoles and I have a crap ton of fun on PC too.
    You can really just have as much fun on any console as long as you enjoy
    the gameplay it gives you, even if graphics and hardware aren’t too good.
    Proof to that is that a lot of people love old classics like TLoZ: ALTTP,
    GTA San Andreas, Final Fantasy (even though I don’t like FF games), Sonic
    The Hedgehog, Midtown Madness (if that’s how it’s really called I’m not
    exactly sure because last time I played it I was 4 years old (don’t know
    what happenned to it since it was my brother’s)) and many more! Now PLEASE
    stop being such douchebags on the internet just because you love one
    console and hate an other one!

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