The Nintendo DS

Surprisingly, the Nintendo DS launched nearly 8 years ago and new releases still come out for it to this day. This video takes a look at the DS family of sys…
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25 thoughts on “The Nintendo DS

  1. I got my ds lite at a yd sale recently, I love it. It was 10.00 it came
    with charger, and one game. I love it but I cant figure out how to load the
    ds online games. I think you are supposed to load a code somewhere but I
    cant get it.

  2. I wish I could get the Animal Crossing: Wild World ds game. They don’t sell
    it in Walmart or Gamestop where I live. D:

  3. I had a original DS and a DS Lite which I still have but for me the 3DS XL
    is the best and I play it all the time! Even the Wii U is really becoming
    fun with stuff like Rayman Legends, Nintendo rules!

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