The Future of Oculus Rift – GDC 2014 – GS Breakdown

We update you on what’s new with the Oculus Rift at GDC 2014. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews – Gameplay &…

Turn 10 Studios showed Forza 5 that they had ported from DirectX 11 on an Xbox One to DirectX 12 using an Nvidia GTX Titan Black on a PC. This was all runnin…
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50 thoughts on “The Future of Oculus Rift – GDC 2014 – GS Breakdown

  1. looks cool but for long hours of gameplay I can’t see myself using this
    more then TrackIR which is amazing and very comfortable.

  2. I hate when people think this will fail like in the 90s.. Do you think we
    could make games with amazing graphics in the 90s? how about multicore PCs?
    This tech will surely come out now, its 20+ years already, Virtual worlds
    look more realistic now, and we got better machines.. Look at Crysis 3,
    TitanFall, twenty years ago it was just a dream

  3. 350 for the dev kit. The final product will be even cheaper. I don’t see
    how Sony is going to compete with that price point. Sony’s VR headset will
    probably cost 600+. They just released something’s similar about a year
    ago, except it didn’t even have motion capabilities, and it costed 800. 

  4. Can’t they make this smaller and more attractive than a giant freaking
    brick strapped to your head. I’m really interested in the OR but other than
    performance, comfortability should be a major focusing point too. 

  5. Why might someone pay for a piece of hardware which does not have software
    to go with it? This is not going to be commercially successful. It is too
    excpensive and most people do not like to have such hardware on their heads
    for hour after hour. Stop hyping this product. 

  6. Was that the Star Citizen Dogfighting module they were playing for a few
    seconds? I want that game so bad with an Oculus D: 

  7. really cool technology but im not seeing this becoming a Thing in gaming,
    when im off of work I just want to go to my sofa and play games and chill
    out, I do not want to be isolated and shaking my head all the time. I see
    this like the Wii Hype and fun the first moment but then u want to go back
    to a regular controller, even so im gonna give it a try to the occulus

  8. I’m worried about the “competition”. For now I think the solutions from
    people like sony or even microsoft will only be imitations that may hurt
    people’s feelings about VR. I mean, Oculus did a pretty good job at
    researching VR’s capabilities and limitations; will the competition do the
    same ?!

  9. Play your games in 3d virtual reality mode? Enter the game in a way you
    havent been able to before? NOT ANYMORE! Now all you will be able to do is
    talk to your facebook friends… in 3d virtual reality… LAME!!!!!!!!!

  10. So many possibilities with this kind of tech. 350 is such a good price and
    it will only become better in the future. ORs could be as commonplace in
    the next generation as smartphones this generation.

  11. there should be a movie compatible with oculus rift, imagine the reactions
    of the people feeling like they were inside the movie, and actually
    commenting of what they saw, cause maybe there could be little details that
    appears on different parts of the scenario at the same time, im very
    excited about VR applications, the first step taken on mars surface will be
    of an android controlled by VR

  12. Me want Sword Art Online for realises now, game debs if you are not working
    on it me is very dissapointed in you!

  13. Microsoft are a disgrace, first the try to implement always online so they
    can let the NSA Tap into their camera. They advertise Xbox one as a Box
    that’s designed to let you watch and enjoy games.. which is supposed to be
    Next but can’t even hit 1080p 60fps let alone 3D or Last Gen 1080p
    Standard definition for HDTV’s. In the next 4-5 years 4k will be common in
    households at this thing will still be pushing out 720p unless you
    subscribe to Cloud Streaming services.

    For PC Gamers Microsoft has turned it back on the Windows platform they
    built an sell for £100+ usually, whilst not porting over the Xbox one
    exclusives to their Windows Customers.

    Fucking bunch of stupid cunts, they don’t understand or respect
    their customers, they make awful business decisions. I could go on, fuck
    off Microsoft your lost.

  14. Also what does he mean by “console-style development” coming to PC? Anyone??
    Games are made on PC and are playable on PC in the first place, just map
    the keys to actions….

  15. this video shows nothing but “DX12” in the title. the only “something” is
    what the speaker talking about

  16. Is it bad that I recognize that track? or is it because it’s the same
    like…ten tracks in the whole game?

  17. let me understand they have forza 5 for PC but don’t release it? lol that’s
    why i want distance from microsoft they want to kill the games for PC since
    xbox release but steam and origin are more big and strong everyday and GFWL
    shit is dead : ) 

  18. Show performance improvement… limit to 60fps… looks exactly like an E3
    demo.. that ran on PC anyways.. whats the difference between this example
    and the XBONE example at E3?

  19. This only means better advancements for PC gaming.

    If is this exclusive for W8 or next Windows and games are being exclusively
    developed for that OS Only, it will fail as Halo 2 and Windows Vista 

  20. With increased pressure from opengl and stream os getting off of the ground
    I do feel that directx12 will be a different story. I also can see a
    scenario where Microsoft launches it on windows 7. Pretty much they now
    understand that they can not kill pc gaming and there edge in gaming may go
    away in just five short years.

  21. Of course they can be able to do this. DX12 has been in development for a
    long time. It’s not a total “competitive” response towards Mantle. DX has
    been accepted for ages now, this is just the newer, better implementation
    of it. Sorry Mantle but you’re beaten to the finish line. 

  22. All this shit you could do on d3d9, directx9. Most of their problems are
    factors in which they didn’t make or didn’t do properly on their own. It
    would be like if I was to complain that I had to create a class with all
    the same features of another class without using inheirtage with a minor
    tweek, then the API I am using comes out with one that has that class for
    me. More or less Directx12’s major thing is it will force people to use
    windows 8. That is going to be its main use just like directx10 forced
    people to use vista, and directx 11 forced people to use windows 7. Nothing
    major really has been added since directx 9 which is why a lot of
    developers used it for so long. OpenGL on the other hand has updated
    MASSIVELY and has been updated to work on SO MANY DEVICES and so many
    platforms. There is no point in using directx other than making xboxone
    games and that is being forced.

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