The Core of MGS 5: Ground Zeroes – GDC 2013

“Join Hideo Kojima and the Kojima Productions staff as they demonstrate the workflow and development process of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on the Fox En…
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HD Best Quality. The full presentation – GDC 2013 Panel. Did you rike it? 720p H.264. Photorealism through the eyes of Fox. Fox Engine. Ground Zeroes + The P…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “The Core of MGS 5: Ground Zeroes – GDC 2013

  1. There is more than one snake. Big boss was the original Snake. David
    Hayter,plays Solid snake. Liquid was in many games, Solidus snake was on
    MGS2. They even called Raiden Snake in MGS2. Snake was just a code name.

  2. wouldn’t make sense if it’s fully shown at the end of the trailer. the
    symbol of the OGRE plays a role and ogres in japanese folklore have similar
    horns, it could be more of a symbolic thing than literal towards what Big
    Boss is becoming (an ugly being as in terms of his actions and the decline
    of him as a hero probably due to his war against Zero/Cypher and XOF which
    would lead him to regroup in Africa, form DD, and use child soldiers which
    explains the African child model on the Fox Engine)

  3. Solid snake is the “ultimate soldier” who was a copy of big boss aka naked
    snake. big boss was the real human being while solid snake is just a
    computer made clone.

    DEVELOPMENT.. Hayter was Solid Snake….not bigboss!!!!

  5. Hi: Mee TOO, Man. But, for some reason what they showed n the TGS 2013
    wasn’t as impressive as this Demo. It has some better textures and
    resolution but it lacks that atmosphere the made this video really shines
    like no other.. Red 5.

  6. Hi: MGSV in PS4 would be GREAT! Well, after the AMAZING E3 video I can say
    that there is NO WAY We will see that quality in PS3. So Kojima, PLEASE
    release a video of Gameplay on the PS3 already. I’m tired of “Running on PC
    with PS3/X360 Assets” So,the trailer is showing us how the game WON’T look
    on PS3 and PS4??? That’s CRAP! I want to see REAL PS3 Game Graphics. Don’t
    you agree? For PS4 content, after seeing “The Dark Sorcerer” and “The
    Order: 1886”, I am Amazed, a LOT. Red 5.

  7. Hi: Every time I see this video, I wonder if ALL we see is with PS3 assets,
    even content showed over the PC tools. But well, we have to wait a little
    more until E3 2013. Of course, I would like to see a PS4 release of this
    game, at Full HD and 60fps (even if it’s only a port but with those Specs).
    Actually the Legacy Collection would be an EXCELLENT release for the PS4
    with Full HD and 60fps, of course. Red 5.

  8. even tho it was ran on PC,Kojima said that they did it all within
    Ps3/Xbox360 specs…so everything u seen will like in game on consoles….

  9. I have a sneaky feeling that Hayter will be voicing snake in ground zeroes
    and then Richard Doyle will voice snake when he comes out of his 9 year
    coma in the phantom pain.

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