Tariq Drabu Praises Research That Shows the Benefits for Fluoride Toothpaste

(PRWEB) February 08, 2014

Tariq Drabu is the respected Manchester dentist, and owner of the successful Langley Dental Practice in Middleton, Manchester. He is also the Clinical Lead Dentist for the Oral Surgery Clinical Assessment and treatment Services for NHS Heywood Middleton and Rochdale.

He was speaking recently about research conducted by Malmo University in Sweden which indicates that toothpaste with high fluoride content can successfully combat the development of white spots which can develop as a result of wearing braces. He said, “This is an excellent study which confirms many of the benefits of fluoride toothpaste as well as highlighting other benefits.”

The article, which was published recently by the Denistry website, can be read in full here.

Tariq Drabu, speaking from Manchester said, “There are many benefits to using fluoride toothpaste and the research studies reveal them clearly. Statistics shows that 85% of people who have braces will develop these white spots, or lesions, on their teeth. The white spots are a form of decay and can leave unsightly marks when the braces are removed. The research leaves us in no doubt that using high-fluoride toothpaste will prevent these white spots from developing. This is good news for patients who require braces.”

Tariq Drabu is well known is Manchester as a leading dentist and a knowledgeable and experienced teacher of postgraduate students. He is also a valued and highly respected colleague within British dental medicine. He went on to say, “The research has shown that fluoride toothpaste successfully stopped the formation of white lesions in 11-16 year old patients who were wearing braces. And it seems no other toothpaste has been as successful at combatting the white spots as this one which was used in the tests.”

Tariq Drabu of Manchester also said, “The study gave five dental practices and over 400 people the opportunity to take part in the study. This will have provided a healthy sample for the researchers and contributed to its excellent results. I am often advising my students that sufficient numbers of patients are always required in order to ensure research results are as robust as possible. Those who took part in this Swedish study were split into groups. One group were given the high-fluoride toothpaste while the other group were given toothpaste with standard levels of fluoride. The patients were also photographed before and after the course of treatments so the results could be recorded. These are significant results, and I am interested in them for my own dental practice. I intend to read more about this high-fluoride toothpaste, and read the research results in detail as soon as I am able.”

For over twenty-five years, Tariq Drabu has been caring for his Manchester patients from his popular practice in Langley. As one of the most highly respected dentists in the Manchester area, he is renowned for his fine dental skills, his encyclopaedic knowledge, and his excellent patient care.

About Dr Tariq Drabu

Dr Tariq Drabu is a highly experienced and well known Manchester dentist and GDC registrant. He is accredited as a Specialist in Oral Surgery by the General Dental Council. Dr Tariq Drabu practices at his Langley Dental Practice in Manchester. Dr Drabu is a leading name in dentistry, with more than 25 years’ experience in both general practice and hospital dentistry. Dr Tariq Drabu is also the Clinical Lead Dentist for the Oral Surgery Clinical Assessment and Treatment Services at NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale. He is a specialist staff member at The UCLan Dental Clinic in Preston.

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