Elevator Conference of New York

The Elevator Conference of New York was established in 1993 with the purpose of joining contractors, consultants, suppliers, and other professionals into a single association. The conference enables members to collectively perform research, communicate education and information about the elevator industry, and learn of the many ways to help provide and promote safety within the vertical transportation industry. New York City was a prime location for the ECNY as it is home to many businesses that depend on elevators and escalators to safely transport individuals from floor to floor.

The idea for the ECNY was proposed by Nick Kassetas, an industry salesman who was already part of other regional elevator industry organizations. He wondered why New York City did not have their very own elevator industry to help promote safety for people working within the elevator industry. After long discussions and meetings with several other engineers and associates involved within the elevator industry, it was finally decided to establish the ECNY. Along with the final decision to found the ECNY, the by-laws that the association would follow were created and accepted. 20 individual members originally comprised the ECNY, and since the beginning of its establishment the member count has grown tremendously. Thanks in no small part to its communication with the Department of Buildings of the City of New York and its continuous education programs, at the present time the ECNY has 60 individual members and 70 corporate members.

The ECNY organizes many events each year, in addition to holding regular meetings. These special programs range from Technical Meetings, the ever-popular Mystery Dinner and ECNY Dinner Dance, Continuing our Buildings NY and Technical seminars, and other informative events.

In 2009 the ECNY presented the Safe-T Rider Program, which was a profound success. The program was formulated and presented to properly educate children on the correct ways of using elevators, escalators and other types moving walkways. The program used a character known as “Safety Cat” to help present this information in an entertaining and child-friendly way. Not only were rules and ideas of how to properly use elevators presented, but a question and answer session and review of the safety rules was also incorporated into the presentation. Along with teachers and the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation, the ECNY continues to provide these educational presentations throughout the New York Metropolitan area.

Within the ECNY many committees have formed. These committees include: Code Standards and Safety, Communication and Public Relations, Dinner Dance, Finance, Liaison, Meetings and Protocol, Membership, New York City Department of Buildings, Planning, Scholarship, Technical/Information/Presentation, and Website committees. All of these committees help to maintain the structure of the ECNY and it is because of these committees that the ECNY has been such a tremendous success.

The ECNY is host to many distinguished members. Kenneth V. Breglio is the President of ECNY, accompanied by Vice President Bobby Defrancesco. Treasurer Andrea Magaziner and Secretary Douglas Gilman also comprise the list of ECNY members. Among the Directors affiliated with the ECNY are Brad Hunt, Jack Morgan, James Duffy, Nicholas J. Montesano, and Robert Cuzzi.

Wilson Castrillon has been in the elevator industry for over 25 years. In the 1990s he received his NYC Department of Buildings inspector’s license and his QEI Certification. In 1999 he started his own elevator consulting business providing design, engineering, and more.www.cbaconsultants.com

SIMpalm Will Be Attending MobileWeek 2015 in New York.


Maryland, USA (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

SIMpalm, a Mobile Software Development Company in USA, will be attending a conference in New York called MobileWeek 2015. The event will be organized for a week, from April 17 to 23. It’s a conference and week-long series of events in New York City, where the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and executives master the skills behind the mobile revolution.

SIMpalm will be available at the event, presenting on several mobile applications built by its team for startups and enterprises. SIMpalm has expertise in building application in several verticals including heath care, business, online payments, games, education, utilities, lifestyle, entertainment, news, sports, social networking, etc. SIMpalm’s team has expertise in HIPPA Compliance and 508 Compliance also.

MobileWeek is a hackathon. A 30-hour app building contest will be held at 45 W. 18th Street, 7th Floor, New York. The motivation behind the hackathon is to give engineers, designers, and ambitious people the opportunity to pitch app thoughts, form teams, assemble a model of their mobile application and present to the hackathon judges for an opportunity to be one of the main 3 winners who get attention and associations during MobileWeek.

MobileWeek is not just gathering; it’s a conference of tech people to share the latest innovation and their work in mobile technology. All mobile tech companies, agencies, event organizers, and App Developers New York are invited to make connections and showcase their projects/apps. Also if someone wants to become partner or sponsor, they may apply for the same. The specialty of this event is that it’s totally a tech event for tech lovers, where 58% of attendees are technical. Whether they are technical managers, developers, or technical startup founders from around 32 states and 12 countries, they will attend MobileWeek 2015, featuring thought leaders in the data industry including Microsoft, Google, IBM, GigaOM, and 200+ companies. For more info Visit: http://mobileweek.co

About SIMpalm

SIMpalmis a Mobile Application Development Company founded in 2009 to bring more mobility in the world. SIMpalm design, develop and deploy mobile apps and responsive websites for its clients. SIMpalm provided end to end services for mobile app/web including design, development, testing and deployment. It has highly skilled iOS, iPhone app developers, Android App Developers, iPad Application Development services, HTML5 developers to build mobile apps for any industry vertical. It also builds cloud based backend for mobile apps on Parse, Amazon AWS, LAMP and Windows Azure. Not only native apps, it builds app and web using cross platform technologies like HTML5, Sencha Touch, Jquery, Titanium, Xamarin, Angular JS, Backbone JS and Appprecessor. They develop solutions for startups, SMEs, enterprises and government organization. Some of its major clients include Flextronics USA, Forte Payment Systems, Bed Bath and Beyond, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Cantada.