Sleepy Giant Announces the Formation of fofofum, an Internal Group That Offers a Complete Backend Game Technology and Services Solution


Newport Beach, CA (PRWEB) March 12, 2014

Sleepy Giant, an independent game company focused on enthusiast gamers, announced today the formation of fofofum, an internal operating group that offers a complete backend game technology and services solution. As part of the group formation, fofofum today launched its game operations engine that provides a comprehensive backend software solution for game and player management. Combined with its infrastructure and devops services and custom game solutions, fofofum helps developers and publishers reduce development cycles, improve resource utilization and capabilities, and provide the control needed to manage games, players, and results.

“Sleepy Giant has over seven years of experience working with some of the largest and most complex online and mobile games. Our team of experts has applied their firsthand experience and insights in building fofofum’s technology and services to offer the best software, processes, and practices for managing game backends. Game backend management is increasingly difficult with scale, and by leveraging our offerings developers and publishers can streamline their operations and just focus on building great games,” said David S. Lee, President of fofofum and CTO and co-founder of Sleepy Giant.

fofofum’s game ops engine and managed services teams deliver the tools, technology and problem-solving solutions to help partners make and deliver great games. fofofum reduces risk and development cycles, and improves resource utilization and capabilities. Having recently completed a successful beta test with select partners, the game ops engine is now widely available to game developers and publishers worldwide. fofofum’s technology and custom development expertise will be on display in “Midnight Star,” indie developer Industrial Toys’ highly anticipated mobile first person shooter, as well as future game releases from partners including Robot Entertainment.

“Sleepy Giant has been a longtime development partner with Industrial Toys. By utilizing fofofum’s game ops engine and devops services, we were able to successfully launch our upcoming sci-fi shooter game Midnight Star. fofofum’s game ops engine powers the game’s operations – saving us both time and resources,” said Tim Harris, President of Industrial Toys.

“We’re leveraging fofofum’s game ops engine to support the launch of a new PC game. By working with fofofum, we’re able to dedicate more resources and focus on making it an epic, feature-rich game that our audience deserves,” said Patrick Hudson, CEO of Robot Entertainment.

fofofum will be at the upcoming Game Connection America 2014 from March 17-19, held in San Francisco at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, concurrent with this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). To meet with fofofum at Game Connection or to learn more about fofofum’s technology and services, please visit or email contact(at)fofofum(dot)com.

About Sleepy Giant

Sleepy Giant is an independent game company focused on enthusiast gamers. The company features two premier business units: fofofum and giantbacked. fofofum is a backend game technology and services provider, and giantbacked is a publishing group that supports partners working with fofofum. Founded in 2007 by live game operations pioneers, Sleepy Giant is based in Newport Beach with an office in Chicago. The company is led by industry veterans and backed by TPG Capital and CAA’s Evolution Media Capital. For more information, please visit

About fofofum

Sleepy Giant’s fofofum group partners with global publishers, studios, and developers at all stages to deliver complete game backend technology, services, and solutions. fofofum has worked on some of the biggest titles in the industry, and on every platform from PC to console to mobile, helping solve the complex problems involved in running service-driven games. For more information please visit

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