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China Huadian Group is a diversified business group based electricity, the group branch offices in numerous meetings of various organizations, training is very frequent. Huadian Group headquarters building houses where Anfu 7 meeting rooms, the previous record number of meetings and training activities mainly rely on Video camera The whole shooting session, with meetings, frequent training activities, the meeting room administrators urgent need for a fully unattended and can record meetings, training activities, landscape equipment.

Solutions Through investigation and trial, the Huadian Group has chosen to take a sharp Distributed Multimedia Recording System . Rui distributed multimedia recording and broadcasting systems take a number of conference rooms to support multiple simultaneous video signals and sound recording composition can be speaker of the PPT site content and images are clear and complete synchronization of sound recorded.

Above diagram as shown in the two multi-media conference room equipped with a sharp front to take multi-media recording and broadcasting system, video and audio encoder and VGA encoder, audio encoder is responsible for collecting conferences, training in video and audio signals, VGA encoder is responsible for collecting the VGA slide image content. Other common meeting room use only, as the audio encoder capture video and audio signals. Acquisition front-end encoder and the encoded signal sent over the network to access back-end multi-media room and recorded the sharp Server , Taped multimedia conference room server receives more than the combination of signal recording, live, on-demand.

Map meeting recording results Screenshots Comments Rui take very suitable for distributed multimedia recording and broadcasting system, Huadian Group, meeting rooms that have more customers, the system can simultaneously record a complete picture of several meetings to complete the PPT meeting audio and video recording. This new, comprehensive recording received high praise from top to bottom Huadian Group, recorded meetings, training, on-demand video is also available on the server and repeated, greatly improves the session, the training effect. Shenzhen Rui take

Software Technology Co., Ltd., established in November 2002, is a professional multi-media Communicate In the field of product development and technical services of high-tech enterprise, has a number of software copyright and patents, currently the company has passed ISO9001 certification and software companies. Headquartered in Shenzhen, in Beijing, Nanjing and Chengdu offices, business and domestic customers throughout the provinces and autonomous regions. Sharp has taken a number of positive

innovative and enterprising, practical work hard, in the field of multimedia communications has many years of research and development, design experience in R & D team. In recent years, sharp take relying on a strong R & D capability, the successful launch of the T.120 data conferencing, multimedia recording and broadcasting system, VGA encoder and many other innovative products and patented technology. With leading technology and innovative products, with industry, Rui averaging 100% per year to maintain high growth, has become the field of multimedia communications products and solutions of the leading suppliers in the video conference, Education , Conference room and other industries in the number of customers and cases.

Rui take the spirit of “win-win forge ahead to develop innovative value-added services to the community,” corporate philosophy, customer demand, product quality as life, hoping to get through the sharp quality products and excellent service, better realization of customer value.

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Image taken from page 157 of ‘New nd original Poems, with notes, on Creation and Redemption, … comprising the history of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and the Footsteps of Jesus. [With illustrations.] vol. 1’


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Image taken from page 157 of ‘New nd original Poems, with notes, on Creation and Redemption, … comprising the history of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and the Footsteps of Jesus. [With illustrations.] vol. 1’
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Title: "New nd original Poems, with notes, on Creation and Redemption, … comprising the history of Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden, and the Footsteps of Jesus. [With illustrations.] vol. 1"
Author: SHILLITO, Edward – Publisher
Shelfmark: "British Library HMNTS 11642.eee.18."
Page: 157
Place of Publishing: Hull
Date of Publishing: 1860
Publisher: E. Shillito
Issuance: monographic
Identifier: 003369904

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