Laptop Battery Express Introduces a Universal Portable Battery for Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones


Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) May 29, 2013

Business travelers, road warriors and those who rely on their electronic devices away from the office are often on the lookout for an open power outlet to recharge a low battery. This is when a universal external portable battery pack can become handy as the extra battery pack has enough power for an extra 3-4 hours or more for laptops and all day for smaller devices that use less power.

The External Universal Portable Battery is easy to carry due to its compact size. It measures just ½ inch thick, 7” long and 5” wide. It weighs about 1 lb.

“Just about everyone wants longer battery run time,” explains Fred DuBois, President, Laptop Battery Express. “What’s unique about this product is the flexibility it provides in offering an extra portable source of power not just for laptops, but also cell phones, tablets, and even PlayStation and Nintendo hand held gaming units, all with just one battery pack.”

The Universal Portable Battery comes equipped with 12 separate adapter tips for just about any brand of laptop. Ten separate adapter tips are included for cell phones, tablets and game devices.

Adapters are included to fit most cell phones. The portable battery pack provides a nifty alternative charger for the Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Tips will also connect to Samsung phones including the P1000 and many others. PSP and NDS handheld game units will also connect. In addition, the external battery pack also comes with a powered USB charging port so any phone or tablet that has a USB charging cable can be powered from this battery pack.

The Universal Portable Battery Pack comes with its own compact adapter unit to recharge it. The average recharge time is 2-3 hours. The battery pack comes with eye catching status lights that visually let you know how much power remains in the battery pack while you use it. The external battery pack has variable voltage settings which can be easily switched to match the ac adapter output appropriate for any type of device. Most laptops require 19 volts of output and the external battery pack provides 5500 mAh of capacity at this voltage setting. At 5 volts, common for cell phones, the external power bank provides an impressive 16,000 mAh capacity

The External Universal Portable Battery Pack sells for $ 99.90. Free ground shipping is included within the continental United States.

About The Company, specializes in premium quality computer batteries and power accessories. The correct battery for a specific laptop can be found in just two clicks. The Company is known for its quick delivery. Diversifies Its Inventory with New Tablets, Cameras and the Latest Video Game Consoles


Miami, FL (PRWEB) June 10, 2014

Just under a year of launching its online marketplace in the liquidation industry, has introduced a large number of lots for tablets, cameras and video consoles.

Commenting on the new additions, a spokesperson from said, “Now that we have established ourselves as a top private market place for liquidators, it is only natural that we start expanding our range of electronics. Besides, we want to benefit all our clients who have put their faith in us and supported us since Day One. So consider this our ‘thank you’ for being there.”

During the second week of May, the private marketplace has included multiple lots for Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung and Asus tablets, iPads, PlayStation 4 consoles, Xbox One, Wii U consoles, and digital ameras. Each of these lots includes a wide variety of models as well as over 100 units to ensure higher sales.

As for the lots’ condition, most of them consist of refurbished goods with Grades A, B and seldom C. This means that each unit comes with a white label detailing its make, models, specifications, and a barcode to help and customers keep track of their inventory.

Grade A and B units are in Retail Ready condition with slight or no signs of wear and tear. All have undergone inspection and restoration to operate according to the original manufacturers’ specification. As for Grade C products, these may come in other packaging aside from the original manufacturer’s.

To assure buyers of quality, offers a 60-day warranty. The spokesperson commented, “We want to assure our clients that they’re getting the best and nothing less. With our guarantee, we want to prove that just because some merchandise is refurbished, its quality will never be compromised.”

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Bridging the gap between buyers and sellers and ultimately helping sellers increase recoveries on customer returns, end of life product and overstocks while, at the same time, helping sellers purchase that very same product at an attractive price. By providing analytics tools that are not easily available to small businesses, offers every available category of product within a specific industry and brings together retailers, manufacturers, liquidators, exporters, refurbishers, recyclers and of course, buyers & sellers. Combined into a single online destination, will finally eliminate the middleman, and bring buyers and sellers together.

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