Quick Guide to Playstation 3 Repairs

These days the majority of us have a system and PS3 is usually a really common one. Possibly not everything can be foolproof or maybe perfect as well as neither is the PS3. It could possibly have many errors such as the blinking red light, flashing red, yellow light of death and so on.

Sometimes it is really frustrating because you or the kids can’t enjoy PlayStation 3 on account of these problems and the only strategy to get that fixed can be a long and also pricey one. Sony can charge everyone nothing not as much as $ 150 and if you already still own your guarantee, Sony will require somewhere all-around 3-4 weeks to carry out playstation 3 repairs .

Nevertheless even prior to worrying concerning the cost plus time to have your console fixed, you will discover a couple of things that you can try.

1. Start off by making it possible for your PS3 to cool off for like half-hour in an open area.

2. Soon after it’s cooled down unplug every one of the wires including the power wire.

3. Try a vacuum to clean out all the dust right out the vents of this PS3.

4. First start up your games console and check if it comes alive.

In case this doesn’t work then your best option is to resolve the repair on your own.

Just go for a simple, do it yourself solution in a PS3 repair guide. This PS3 repair guide strolls you through the repair progression from A to Z. It truly is loaded with pictures, diagrams as well as each step is described in greater detail. It is cheaper, speedier and less difficult!

You may get your playstation 3 repairs whenever you need and save every one of the dollars you should pay Sony! You’ll get an in depth guide at a PS3 repair manual defining it as easy so you might fix the actual errors.

Get the repair guide you need for your playstation 3 repairs here.

Xbox 360 Repairs

If you’re out of warranty xbox 360 repairs can cost up $ 150 plus shipping and handling, but you can repair or prevent some of the major problems at home.

E74 Error/1 Red Light

This is caused by a hardware failure – usually in the scaler chip which controls the graphics in your games. You’ll probably need to ship this off to get it fixed, but you can find out if it’s the console or the accessories by turning off the console, unplugging all the cables then turning it back on and reconnecting. Next, turn off the console, unplug all accessories (controllers, memory cards, hard drive) and turn it back on again. If the error is gone when the accessories are out then the problem lies with them. You might find it’s cheaper to buy replacement accessories than pay the hefty repair fee.

2 Red Lights

This is caused by overheating and you can fix it by turning off the console for a few hours. Prevent overheating by keeping your xbox in a well-ventilated area and keeping it clean and dust free. If you’re out of warranty, give it a clean inside and out – but beware, opening the console will void your warranty if you still have it.

4 Red Lights

Simple and quick to fix – this is caused by a loose AV cable. Switch the console off and reconnect the AV cable, making sure the largest part is almost touching the console.

Red Ring Of Death/3 Red Lights

This is a general hardware failure and if you’re out of warranty then this is just about the worst thing that can happen. Try turning the console off, disconnecting everything, turning it back on and reconnecting. You could also try giving it a clean as it could be due to overheating and/or dust.

You will probably have to send it off for repair to Microsoft, although you could try repairing it yourself with one of the home repair guides.

You can prevent Xbox 360 repairs by following 3 simple rules: keep the console in a well ventilated area, keep it clean and free from dust, and take steps to avoid overheating.

To fix your xbox 360 in under 1 hour check out the xbox repair guide

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