Buying Cheaper NDS Games

There are so many different sites that have started on the internet selling or trading cheap games. These sites have been a huge help to many gamers because they allow people to get rid of older games and/or get newer ones at much cheaper prices than you would normally be able to at the stores. This idea has become incredibly popular in the gaming world outside of these mega-sites as well. Gamers end up buying, trading and selling their games all over the place in order to get their hands on as many games as they can. NDS games are the same way. These little games still tend to be priced incredibly high at the stores and certain games are hard to find even on the mega-sites or around the neighborhood. Gaming sites have stepped up in this case and made find the NDS game you want, cheaper than almost anywhere else.

Websites having been popping up all over the place, specializing in NDS games. The great thing about most of these types of sites is that you are dealing with other gamers. You aren’t trying to trade or haggle with a big store or some random guy who knows nothing about the game that he has in his possession. You will be dealing with people who play, buy and trade games often and therefore know the true value of the game that you are trying to buy for or sell to them. While in some cases this may keep the price high, there are occasions where the prices will be significantly lower than other places. Gamers know and understand that the demand for a NDS game goes down fast after it has been out for a while, so they will either try and beat the game and get it on the market quickly, or play it for a while and then understand that a lower price will make more sense.

Another reason these types of sites have been booming is the fact that you can list the games that you want on the site.

Then, when someone comes on and sees that you are looking for a NDS game they have, they can contact you and set up a trade or sale. Of course the mega-sites have this feature as well, but with all of the couches, bicycles and entertainment memorabilia your posting for the newest NDS game will never be seen. With these sites specializing only in NDS games, you are much more likely to have someone stumble across your listing and contact you than you would with any mega-site.

Of course, just like any online sale, there is a little bit of trust involved. The NDS games that you are looking at on most of these sites will have a game condition area. This would be true for the mega-sites as well. This means that whatever condition the game is in, it should be accurately reflected in the description. But, when you are looking at a mega-site you will notice that the guys you are about to buy the game from have hundreds or thousands of games listed, while the gamer on the small specialty site only has a handful. So what is more likely: the mega-site man closely looking at every game he lists, or the gamer, who has probably played the game recently, knowing the condition of his/her couple games? Not only do the gamers normally know the condition of their games better, they can understand what a lot of different problems mean. Just because the top of the game is a scratched doesn’t mean anything for NDS games, but, on the flip side, if the case looks brand new with the price tag still on it, that doesn’t mean the game will run like new. In the end you are simply dealing with a much more specialized and NDS game educated group of people.

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