Red Light Error on the Xbox 360

When you are having fun, playing some of your favorite games such as Call of Duty, Need for Speed, and all of those fun games, the last thing you want is something to go from with your Xbox 360 gaming console. Over a long period of time, if you have an X box 360, then you are bound to face some errors that are common. Do you know what one of the most common issues with the X box 360 is? It is obviously those ever so popular red lights. Within this article, we are going to take a close look at the ways to fix these problems.

When you are looking at your Xbox 360, in order to fix that red light, you will need to determine what the problem is. Is it because the console overheated? If you have been playing games for long hours at a time, then overheating is doomed to happen. Keep in mind that heat has a tendency to build up between the components, which could lead to this problem. There are some cases in which switching the console off, waiting a couple of minutes, then turning it on will help.

The second option you have for fixing your Xbox 360 would be to send it to Microsoft. If your console is still under warranty, then this would be the perfect option. In fact, if your console is under warranty, then you should not open it up as this could void the warranty. You will be able to get your console repaired without having to worry about coming up with any expenses. Microsoft can fix the problem and send it back to you in a couple of weeks.

Another option would be for you to fix the red light problem yourself. You do not need to be a genius in order to fix a game system. There are some simple tools you will need, such as a screw driver and enough time for taking the system apart.

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Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Error

The Xbox 360 3 Red Lights error is an epidemic. Many gamers have shared their horror stories of this problem on forums across the internet. Some caution is needed in trying to find solutions online, however. Some methods to remedy the 3 Red Lights will actually damage the system further. If any damage is done to the system by one of these methods, the warranty will be voided immediately.   

There are essentially 4 options for sufferers of the 3 Red Lights error code. These are as follows (in order of my preference):  

1.    Thoroughly check the Xbox 360 console to make sure it is not overheated. Several things can cause the console to overheat such as: improper ventilation, stacking electronic components on top of the console, playing continuously for a long period of time. If the console overheats, it will stop functioning and display the flashing red lights. Simply let your Xbox 360 cool down.

2.   Check all of the cables on the back of the console. Make sure that the AV cable is connected. If it is improperly connected, then the Xbox 360 will display the red lights. Also, a faulty power source will cause the Xbox 360 to stop working and display the red lights. Replacing the power supply might fix the problem.

3.   Another option is to send the Xbox 360 in to Microsoft for the repair. This should be considered only if your console is still under warranty. In this case, the repair and the shipping will be free. On the other hand, if the Xbox 360 is out of warranty, the repair will cost $ 140 up front, along with shipping costs. This option is also time consuming, and can sometimes take as long as several weeks. 

4.   The final option is to fix the malfunction yourself. While this may sound intimidating, it is really very simple to do. There is no required technical knowledge, and several guides can be found online to assist you. This is really the best solution if your console’s warranty is expired. Be careful in choosing the guide, however. Several of them are expensive and do not include videos.

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