GamerModz Releases Custom Parts for Xbox One


Tampa, FL (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

GamerModz’s Custom Controller Software, Create-A-Controller, has recently made additional Xbox One products available to its eagerly waiting consumers. Custom d-pads, abxy buttons, triggers, bumpers and thumbsticks are available for selection. These options include glossy colors, matte colors and chrome colors.

“We are so excited to release our line of custom parts for Xbox One. We’ve had customers asking since the release of the new console and we know they will be thrilled to be able to fully customize their controller,” says GamerModz owner Shawn Best.

The next step for GamerModz is getting their Xbox One product retail ready for distribution within their network. They currently offer Xbox 360 and PS3 parts for purchase in select locations and are excited to enhance their line with Xbox One.

With Xbox phasing out the Xbox 360 over the next few years, many gamers will be in the market for a new Custom Xbox One Controller. The Custom Modded Controller Industry is sure to see a sales shift in the coming year between the two systems. Having a vast array of custom shells and parts, as well as rapid-fire mod options, ensures GamerModz will keep competing at the top of the industry.

About GamerModz®

GamerModz is a Tampa, Florida based company that designs and manufactures Custom Controllers for the Xbox and PlayStation gaming consoles. In addition to manufacturing user designed fully customized controllers, GamerModz also manufactures individual custom controller parts and rapid fire mods for gamers. The innovative rapid fire technology allows gamers to set the rate at which their weapon fires in many popular first person shooter games such as the Call of Duty and Battlefield series. More information about GamerModz and their products can be found at or by calling (866) 205-5268.