Ps3 Console – Short Ps3 Review & Thought

I bought this 120Gb Slim PS3 Console simply for the fact my old 80GB PS3 Console died after updating to the latest firmware from Sony. It lasted me 3 years and as much as I used it in the past year I say it served me well although I still blame Sony for killing it…R.I.P. old 80 Gigger.

So on to my thoughts of the 120Gb Slim, Nothing really different as far as playing PS3 Console games and watching Blu-Ray movies. All are the same as the old PS3 Console models EXCEPT the Slims do not have 4 USB ports in the front for accessories as some of the older PS3 Console models did. This is no real big deal cause you can use a USB hub to get additional ports.

The Slims do not support backwards compatibility for PS2 games but says it will play SOME PS(one) original games. This is no big deal for me either, I did not have any PS2 games to play except one. As expected though, if you want to play some PS2 games you may be able to find them on the Playstation Store to buy(you know Sony has to keep making money somehow).

Last thing I can think of at this time the new Slims do not offer is the option in the XMB to add another operating system such as Linux Yellow Dog. Also not a big deal to me cause I have other computers in the house I can use instead of the PS3 Console as most normal people do. Really, what is the purpose for another operating system, not like you can do a lot on the PS3 Console with another operating system. I bought my PS3 Console to play games and watch movies. It is not intended for me to take place of an actual computer… IT IS A GAMING CONSOLE.

So bottom line is I like the 120Gb Slim, I wanted the larger hard drive but I can buy a larger hard drive at a later time and install it myself. It is quieter than my old PS3 Console, plays games and movies the same as the older PS3 Console did too. I also like the matte finish, the whole look is more pleasant on the eyes than the old PHAT PS3 Console. My whole family loves watching Blu-ray movies on it as well as instantly streaming movies from Netflix.

My only big concern is this, IF Sony killed my old PS3 Console with a firmware update that caused the Blu-ray drive to only be able to read regular DVD’s and Cd’s and not Blu-ray movies or games(all PS3 games are on Blu-ray BTW) then will they end up coming out with a newer design for the PS3 Console again and releasing an update to kill the current Slims?? I do think that Sony deliberately did this to get people to buy the newer Slims.

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Ps3 Console Slim Is The Same As Fat Ps3

Thought many said you can’t install Linux anymore into the PS3 Console slim, I don’t care much cause I never install Linux into my fat PS3 Console at all. Or can we still I don’t know and haven’t try it.

So let’s talk about the goods.
-Lighter than fat PS3 Console by 5ibs.
-Finger print can mess with the PS3 Console slim because the cover have texture that finger prints can’t touch it.
– PS3 Console slim is better than PS3 Console fat just like PS2 slim was better than PS2 fat.
-Flat and not fat.
-The power cord is smaller and easier to plug in hell yeah!!
-It doesn’t have the back switch anymore like the fat PS3 Console and fat PS2, you can shut it down and once it turn red light, you can unplug the power cord if you don’t intent to play for a long period of time, Sony state it in the manual. PS2 slim also don’t have the back switch as well.
-Everything else is still PS3 Console and that’s good.

The a bit kind of bad thing was that you can’t touch the front buttons to power on and cover it for 3 seconds to turn it off anymore and the reset button can be touch as well, you got to push the buttons now.

BUT it’s not even a big deal, why?
Because the DS3 controller is all you need. Want to turn on the PS3 Console, just push the PS button on the controller. Want to turn off the PS3 Console, just shut it down from the PS3 Console users top or hold the PS button 3 seconds and when the options come up, scroll down to shut the system off, easy and simple.

I will update my review when I know more about the PS3 Console slim like can we still install Linux or other programs in.

Blu-ray movies look awesome so anyone who want a Blu-ray player and want a game system, PS3 Console slim is all you need. You don’t have to buy a […] to […] Blu-ray player, PS3 Console slim can do all that and even play PS3 Console games as well.

I recommend to anyone who want a PS3 Console, get the PS3 Console slim, its awesome. PS3 Console also have some awesome games and some more awesome games will come out too.

Note to the fanboys on both side, PS3 Console and X360, both PS3 and X360 are awesome so fanboys need to stop their biases toward each others and play the games you guys like and stop hating on other console.

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