Buy R4 Card And Get Movies On Your Nintendo Ds And Dsi


All of you movie lovers out there, yes, I’m talking to you. As a fellow movie lover, and an avid gamer myself, I find myself enjoying some great movies just as much as I enjoy my portable gaming on my Nintendo DS. But what I told you that you can combine the two of them – watch movies on your DS as well as play all of your games too? When you buy the R4 Card, you get exactly that – a game system that doubles as a portable and pocketable movie player.

So just how do I turn my Nintendo DS into a portable movie player? Very easily to be honest. All you need is to buy r4 card, and then a micro SD card with it. And you’re DS will be playing back all of the movies you can throw at it. I use the R4 Card in order to allow me to use micro SD Cards with my Nintendo DS. You can think of the R4 as soft of a memory card adapter, or flash card, that will take whatever content I have on the micro SD card, and put it right on the Nintendo DS.

It comes with some firmware that makes this all possible. When you plug in the r4 card into the cartridge slot, you’re greeted by the special R4 Card menu that gives you the options between games, movies and music. Just select the icon you want to boot into, and let the R4 do the rest.

The first step is taking your DVD Movie that you want to take with you, and dumping it to your computer. Once you’ve finished copying it to your hard drive, you’ll want to run it through the software that will convert it to the NDS movie format, which is called DPG. This format allows you to take a full length, 4 Gigabyte dvd movie, and convert it down to about 250 megs or so. It’s amazing, I know, but it is this way because of the resolution of the NDS. It does not need to be 720p or 1080p in order to be viewed on the DS console.

The final step in this process is to just drag and drop the file over to the micro SD card. The micro SD card reader / writer that comes with the R4 Card when you buy the card, allows you to plug in any micro SD and then simply plug the reader into an available USB port on your computer. It’s as easy as can be really.

Once you’ve setup the R4 Card and put it into the NDS, all you have to do is pick the MEDIA playback icon on the main screen and you’re all set to go. You will be shown a listing of all of the movie / video files you have on your micro sd card. Now you have to just pick the movie you want to watch and start, well, watching the movie.

When you buy R4 Card products, you’re not just buying a memory card adapter, you’re actually getting a multimedia adapter that will transform your Nintendo DS or DSi console – and for the better I may add.

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