Japan IPhone Craze Attracts Developers Worldwide Applications

The popularity of the iPhone in Japan is cracking an industry long been inaccessible to foreigners. – For years, the typical Japanese mobile phone built to run on a network is not used anywhere else in the world – has been filled with original games and other applications that use local flavor demanding.

Because it helps explain why the mobile industry in Japan has earned the nickname “Galapagos” – drawing parallels with the exotic animals that have evolved on isolated islands off the coast of South America – and why phones cell are called “galakei” that combines “keitai”, the Japanese word for cell phone with Galapagos.

Application developers for Foreign phones have not an idea the Japanese market because of its insularity. But that is changing as the iPhone, for which tens of thousands of applications have been created, dominates sales of smartphones in Japan.Wherever you turn, in trains and cafes in the city, people are knocking on their iPhone screens in a rare Japanese adopt a relatively new technology that is not here.

Azusa Furushima, a college student, 22, who has an iPhone on a bright Hello Kitty case, said he has about 35 applications, including those for pension and practice writing. American and other foreign developers for the iPhone now have their eyes on the lucrative market potential. And the Japanese users, thanks to the culture that has long been galakei services whose prices were small, such as “i-mode” are used to pay for their applications.

“Japan are well trained. They will pay for applications,” said Brian Lee, a manager of Taiwan-based PenPower Inc., which sells an application to digitally organize business cards. “A lot of developers coming in this market.” Japanese developers, who already captured targeting galakei again have a chance for a piece of cake world of the iPhone, which has exceeded 3 billion downloads worldwide demand within 18 months, according to Apple.

Apple takes 30 percent of sales applications, but the rest to developers. Apple does not give iPhone sales breakdown by country. But Japan is a big chunk of the 70 million iPhone sold to date, including a record 14.1 million last quarter. Smartphones, mostly iPhone models, as sales rank higher, which represents 16 percent of Japanese mobile phone sales of 35 million per year, according to Gfk Marketing Services Japan, which tracks such data.