The IBC Conference in Amsterdam

Focusing on the electronic entertainment industry, The IBC Conference in Amsterdam is visited by global professionals and innovators in this field. Because the electronic industry has grown at such a rapid rate over the past 10 years, the products displayed at this Amsterdam conference get even more exciting every year.

Visitors at the conference
Nearly 50,000 visitors attend this Global event, of which there are an incredible 1,300 exhibitors. You can expect to be amongst the most senior executives from within the R&D, mobile TV, IPTV, broadcasting and digital signage industries who use this opportunity to visit Amsterdam and showcase new products and to find out what their competitors are doing!

Exhibit at the The IBC Conference
By exhibiting your products at this leading Amsterdam conference you will be showcasing your products in front of a worldwide audience. Not only is a way of generating first class leads, but you can develop invaluable industry contacts for things like distribution. This is the ideal environment for you meet likeminded professionals. This leading conference is a must for anyone who’s serious about developing their digital entertainment brand.

Delegates at the conference
Not only is this Amsterdam conference a way to showcase new products, it is also home to the debates and discussions by leading industry figures from household brands such as Vodaphone, Sony Pictures, Facebook, Liberty Global, The Walt Disney Studios, and Microsoft. By listening to these discussions you will be able to witness first hand which way the industry is going and each night you will go back to your Amsterdam accommodation with insight.

Conference Programme
The IBC conference is split into four streams, which are: The business of broadcasting, content creation and innovation, technology advancement, and added value. These sessions really get into the heart of issues affecting the world digital technology and are again an excellent opportunity for you to network with likeminded professionals.

Location of the conference
This industry leading conference is held at the RAI complex, which is one of the largest exhibition centres in the world. As you would expect, the venue has a large catering facility as well as prayer rooms and disability access. The public transport in Amsterdam is reliable and the city centre has an excellent tram line. Make sure you get a 5 day IBC travel pass which can be collected from the IBC information points.

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Amsterdam Press Conference Confirms Nintendo 3DS European Release

It’s official! On March 25th, 2011, the Nintendo 3DS will be released to European retailers. Expected retail price will be between £219.99 and £229.99, with retailers getting a say in the cost. Given the cost of previous releases, and the 3-dimensional capabilities of this hand held system, it’s actually quite reasonable in price. In the United States the price point for the 3DS will be around $ 249.99, and should hit the market in late March, 2011.

The impressive gaming list is already being compiled, and some titles have already been declared. Some of the titles include:

· Kingdom Hearts 3D

· Mario Kart

· Nintendo 3DS Camera

· Nintendogs + cats

· One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP

· Paper Mario

· Pilotwings Resort

· Pro Baseball Family Stadium 2011

· Mario Kart

· Paper Mario

· Resident Evil

· The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

· And load more!

Using Nintendo developers and outside partnerships, the games are reaching levels previously unseen through Nintendo products. Their development of the Wii revolutionized the gaming world, and there is no doubt that the 3DS will do the same. Why? Game developers are lining up to get a chance at developing genuine 3-dimensional gaming experiences.

The 3DS isn’t just a gaming console. By instituting a Wi-Fi connection device, the hand held can also double as a 3D television. Teaming with Sky and Eurosport, Nintendo is giving you the ability to download shows, mostly cartoon and sports oriented. This is an obvious counter to Sony’s PSP-TV capabilities. You can even gain “walking points” for the distances you move with the system. Some gaming content can be unlocked with these coins. And finally, when interacting with online friends, you can utilize an onboard messaging system, keeping you in touch with up to 100 friends at one time.

There is plenty of competition though with Sony and Microsoft releasing their “Move” and “Kinect” technologies and do not be surprised if laptops, iPads, and cell phones soon utilize 3D screens to display their visuals. There is also competition in the European market, with EuroSport, another hand held 3D gaming system, releasing an array of sporting games as well.

However the Nintendo 3DS has most of its bases covered and By ditching the 3D glasses, the 3DS will push the technology to new heights. As in all technological sectors, competition will only benefit the consumer. The depth and colour of the graphics interface set the Nintendo 3DS apart from all other competition. Again, Nintendo has pushed the envelope in gaming technology, and now, the only question is can we wait until March 25th to get our hands on one?

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