Popular After School Conference Topics

If you are considering attending an after school conference or a seminar for out of school time professionals, you should know that just about everyone who has attended raves about their experience, and also almost always continue to return to various programs and seminars. There are so many different topics, tools and much information that is shared and provided that are important to the arena of out of school care and programs.

There are some well established and very recognized after school conferences that are very much anticipated by those who are planning on attending. One of the best is set in a retreat like atmosphere, which enhances the passion that attendees have for quality programming. It provides an invigorating combination of opportunities for teambuilding and collaborating as well as networking. The presenters of these conferences invite those who attend to learn and grow with them as they offer information about the latest trends and research concerning out of school time programs. Many of these conferences have more than 100 exhibitors who all share news, services, resources and products so that attendees may consider those offerings for their own programs in their communities.

There are also often very inspiring and motivational guest speakers and small mini special events that take place throughout the duration of these seminars, which can expand over a few days instead of just one afternoon, as is the usual case with workshops. Meals are also, more often than not, included. These all inclusive conferences support staff members of after school programs all over the country. Who are some of the attendees that look forward to these events? Attendees include teachers, administrators, program directors, principals, superintendents and many others.

In addition, staff members of community based organizations often are in attendance and these include staff from the YMCA, the YWCA, and the Boys & Girls Clubs. Also welcome in these events are representatives from non profit, school, local, state and federal government, PTAs, law enforcement, probation, corporate, health and human services, volunteer, and philanthropic organizations. If you are interested in attending a seminar, workshop or conference like this for your organization or school, be sure that you browse through all of the particular offerings and topics that are presented. Take a look at the credentials of those who will be presenting at them too, to make sure that you are going to get quality instruction from real professionals.

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