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Lexi wanted to take on Dark Pit and here she goes!! Dark Pit is the 3rd to final foe to beat. There are only two foes after him, Dr. Mario & Duck Hunt! Wow t…

50 thoughts on “Super Smash bros Wii u | VS | MrWolfSergio

  1. tengo una duda para poder utilizar la wii u tengo que tener television full
    hd o la puedo conectar solo con un cable de audio y video por favor

  2. Me encanta este canal!! Yo tambien soy Nintendero y de LatinoAmerica eres
    al primero que sigo
    Acepta mi peti en skype que yo tambien tengo Smash Bros :D´╗┐

  3. se nota la diferencia de que el otro bato si sabe jugar a diferencia de
    risser que no sabe hacer otra cosaque spammear el electro shock xD me voy a
    subscribir al canal de ese wey´╗┐

  4. Riser Gusta que subas Smash Bros y otras Cosas pero Tambi├ęn me Gusta que
    subas Pokemon,Por que ya no los Subes? Eso ya no esta Chipocleido y Riko.´╗┐

  5. To be honest… do any of you know how to do smash attacks. Ex. Down B, B,
    Up B, Side B’s? It got very boring, just punching things. If you need to
    look at controls just ask. Be honest you do not know everything about the
    game. ­čśŤ (You need to press B to use the final smash. Try. It. Out.) Also,
    I know the kids do not know everything about the characters… but really?
    Dark Pit= Armpit. Not at all funny. And saying his armpits were dark… is
    kinda offensive to some people. e.e Anyway, still try to look up on the

  6. when are they going to start using there amiibos? I know they got a bunch
    but haven’t done a video yet of them using them. you can scan them into the
    game and level them by feeding them the equipment you collected, you can
    train them by having them fight other amiibo (they level quicker that way),
    you can fight against them or use them as ally’s to your character or you
    can have them fight for you. there’s so many things you can do with them in

  7. hey FGteeV my brother REALLY likes your videos i mean he watches them over
    and over a bunch and hes 4 just wanted to let all of you guys know that me
    and my brother really really enjoy your videos also if maybe we could be
    wii u friends just to let you know im 11 and as i said my brothers 4 have a
    good day´╗┐

  8. Were you guys that messed up on Dark Pit? Arm Pit? Srsly? Dark Pit is one
    of my coolest, best, good character of controlling! WHY did u dude that?
    anyways the Mii u made looks ugly noobs´╗┐

  9. i have to get this out there [this is directed to the haters]:
    they may be noobs, but who cares?
    they are just playing for fun and arn’t that familiar with smash bros, so
    giving tips is fine, but posting hate comments?… give them a break, or
    dont watch at all…

    sorry if this offends anyone.´╗┐

  10. I dont have the game but when i played on Aldrich’s wii i played as Pac man
    Lucina wii fit trainer and little mac and top three favs are
    3.Wii Fit Trainer
    And im a boy´╗┐

  11. Hey Sky Dad because the kids don’t know how to do Smash Attacks and Custom
    characters I was wondering if you could show the kids my upcoming video on
    all about the character movesets?´╗┐

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