25 thoughts on “Sony Playstation Virtual Reality Headset at GDC 2014

  1. ps 1 games played on a ps4, man thats bs. all the xbox 1 games and ps4
    games look a lil better than ps3 or 360 games, not worth paying 600 for…
    now virtual reality, thats a game changer… i would go buy a ps4 rightnow
    if they get virtual reality( not like i have a nex gen system anyway just
    saying )

  2. I am sad to hear that Sonys headmounted VR display is made for the PS4.
    Lets face it, Oculus Rift has taught us that VR displays have to run more
    then full HD to be really great and remove the pixel “screen door” effect.
    PS4 can run full HD at the very maximum.

    Crossing fingers for Sony and something innovative. =)

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