Sony Play station Vita System – One of its Kind!

The smartly designed Sony PlayStation Vita System is a must for avid gamers. With a host of technologically sound features, it not only manages to stand apart from the rest in the gaming arena, but also offers the most advanced portable gaming experience ever. . It has something to offer to every kind of gamer.

Though, this wireless gaming system retains the original form of PlayStation Portable hardware series, it improvises on virtually every aspect. This handheld gaming system boasts of an impressive 5-inch OLED front multi-touch display that display close to 16 million colors, providing a realistic gaming experience like never before.

Powered by ARM Cortex-A9 core (4 core) central processing unit, this portable gaming system ensures fast and uninterrupted gaming. The Sony PlayStation Vita System has a lot more to offer than any handheld gaming system. Providing both Wi-Fi and 3G functionality, this gaming console offers great connectivity no matter where you are. Powered by the AT&T mobile broadband network, it will take multi-player gaming to a whole new level.

Your connectivity options do not end here. Even while on the go, you can connect and play with friends or access social networking apps, thanks to the GPS location-based digital gifting of this PlayStation with (Wi-Fi).

That is not all that the Sony PlayStation Vita System has to offer. Besides splendid gaming features, the Vita’s OS is preinstalled with a series of apps for social networking services and communications. With applications, such as applications include Facebook, foursquare, Skype and Twitter included you will never have a dull moment.

This PlayStation with Wi-Fi is more than enough to convince the casual gamer that he or she needs to carry around not just a Smartphone, but a portable console as well.

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