25 thoughts on “Sleeping Dogs – Walkthrough – Part 1 (PS3/X360/PC) [HD] (Gameplay)

  1. I noticed Xbox is a rip off for one reason give free games.But since these
    are downloaded from Xbox live take up way more space then having the game
    disk. I’m glad Xbox took sony’s idea to give free games out, just wonder
    why they ain’t do it as soon as sony has

  2. it’s funny how people now just found out about this game cause it’s free
    smh!This game most likely won’t have a part two cause of lack of sales. 

  3. Go here, beat up this guy. Go there, beat up that guy + minimal storyline
    to distract you from the lack of substance to the game :D

  4. I’ve watched this walkthrough once but since I’m going to be playing it for
    myself for the first time, I feel like I should watch the walkthrough

  5. Sleeping dogs LOL because of the name I thought this game would be a piece
    of shit downloaded it today for free with the games for gold 2 free games a
    month offer on xbox live , & as mc donald, s say I’m loving it . I’ll never
    judge a book by its cover again

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