Shenmue Conference at GDC 2014 (WHAT!!!!!!) – Adam Koralik

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Hello Brian here again! This time I got the Gerber GDC Hook Knife. This is quite simply the simplest blade ever made by Gerber. While it has but a few cons i…

32 thoughts on “Shenmue Conference at GDC 2014 (WHAT!!!!!!) – Adam Koralik

  1. Really hoping something productive comes from this, but like you, don’t
    want to get my hopes up for the millionth time. I suppose we’ll see what
    happens *fingers crossed*

  2. I am hopeful you are right but I really, really, really want to see Shenmue
    1 & 2 HD before too long. Basically it is a “I missed out on it the first
    time around because I never owned a Dreamcast till at least 2-3 years after
    Sega stopped supporting it and I do not plan on missing out again” type of
    deal. I’ve done the Tweetathon every single month for months now, and I’ve
    pretty much thrown as much of my weight behind the cause as I can.
    Hopefully this will be good news for Shenmue fans but I won’t hold my

  3. I might get a PS4 just for this, I promised myself i’d stay away, but if we
    get an announcement and it’s exclusive to Sony. The PS4 will be sitting
    right next to my Wii U and my Dreamcast. but if we get a HD announcement,
    I’m not sure if i’m as interested, UNLESS they revamp all the textures and
    add modern post-processing etc. (Like Nintendo did with OOT3D) As you are
    right, most of the Sega “Re-releases” are literally just 100% the same,
    nothing added, nothing changed, nothing improved. Sonic Adventure “HD”
    Actually didn’t even change the resolution, all it did was add huge purple
    borders around a 480P box(PC did, Consoles up-scaled) It was a really
    shitty job, I was disappointed that Sega didn’t even try, they just scammed
    all their old fans into buying the same game again.

  4. For the record. I’d like to see a video every time there are Shenmue
    rumors and don’t care how long they are

  5. I like your enthusiasm on shenmue not my type of game but interesting how
    passionate you are because its yours, personally i want a streets of rage
    4, or vectoman 3 or even a comix zone 2, love the dreamcast second fave
    console behind the sega genesis/megadrive

  6. Omg let’s hope for the best, and see if we finally get to see the hd
    version of s1 and s2 (with the option of japanese voices in s1 but i doubt)
    and in the near future shenmue 3 jeez 12 years of waiting…

  7. I wouldn’t rule out Nintendo bringing back shenmue for two reasons because
    firstly they have already revived a franchise which was dead in the water
    bayonetta this sequel would have never been made and secondly they have a
    strong and friendly rapport with Sega and they desperately need some
    catalyst for their stagnating Wii u . However I don’t care what platform
    its on as long as we get the damn game

  8. I have a feeling that Sony is trying to bring back not only Shenmue, but
    Crash Bandicoot as well and perhaps even other franchises.

    It would be a goddarn good move by Sony.

  9. I bet there’s one accusation you haven’t had before Adam, so let me ask you
    this: Are you a fanboy.. of fanboyism?!

    But I’m curious as to what else this conference may bring to the table,
    seems like way too much of a coincidence for both Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny
    to want to discuss Shenmue’s would-be history in light of recent
    advancements. (I know they did at GDC 2011, but I don’t think Sony had
    scouted Cerny yet, back then)

  10. i dont know how microsoft come into this seeing as they had the game on this why we dont see hd versions??

  11. If they come out with Shenmue 3 for the PS4 and they have a multiplayer for
    it would you game with some of your subs?

  12. You should of have kept the 30mins video.
    I wouldn’t mind, really.

    And, here, I am, hopping for HD remake and the 3rd game.

  13. Would be good to get a shenmue 3. I have the first 2 on the DC. It would
    give me an incentive to finish them

  14. So after watching this vid I ordered three of these. One for my back pack,
    one for my purse and one for my key chain. Well I flew to Denver for a few
    days and guess what. The one on my pack, the one on my purse and the one on
    my keychain ALL WENT THROUGH TSA’s security checkpoint. How that happened I
    don’t know. They’re all locking blades. Anyways I didn’t want to risk it so
    I packed them in my check in luggage. I think I was lucky and the TSA
    officer were retarded…as usual.

  15. Personally it depends on what you’re planning to use the knife for really.
    I personally like a all around survival knife in my hand whenever I’m out
    in the Sierra Nevada wilderness, the Moab Desert, the snowy plains of
    Montana or my friend’s incredibly disgusting house of hoarded horrors. From
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  16. For an emergency and everyday use yes I would definitely say so. It’s
    incredibly sharp. So far it’s cut through seat belts, boxes, tape, fish
    when gutting, small strips of jerky cause I was bored one day and yet the
    damn thing still doesn’t cut through paper properly. The reason for this is
    cause of the extremely steep angle and because of that it ends up tearing
    paper. Anyways I have yet to sharpen this still. Mine is now around my neck
    via paracord and I dumped the dump ring it came with.

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