Road To Mba: Expert Tips On Preparing For Gd And Pi

With the shortlists for GD-PI declared by IIFT recently the MBA aspirants have now woken up to the other realities on the road to MBA and as a result are sharpening their communication and presentation skills. To help all MBA aspirants in this pursuit and to get them prepared completely for the crucial GD-PI round, presents to you mantras on how to go about it.
The first and the most important question that crops in the minds of MBA aspirants is What do the personal interaction and assessment rounds aim to assess in the MBA applicants?. According to B-school Deans and Directors more than anything else GD-PI tries to judge the candidates “Attitude”, his “problem solving skills” and “how he/she approaches any question or problem”.
The technical knowledge is very much evident from the mark sheets. Perhaps what the panel is trying to judge is how fit a person is for the MBA Education, said an admissions official from BIMTECH Greater Noida.
The next very important question that regularly strikes the minds of MBA aspirants is How should I prepare?
When it comes to case discussions there is no substitute for practice. Practice builds confidence. What you can do is to get hold of a book which covers the Do’s and Don’ts of case GDs along with a few practice cases. GD books by every coaching institute contain these. If you can, try and form a group with like-minded friends and discuss these practice cases, said a top MBA expert.
Else you can join any workshop conducted by some coaching institute. In a case always set about identifying the stakeholders, the core problem at hand and the peripheral ones and their respective causes before actually moving on to solutions. If you take initiative to conduct the discussion in a structured manner, nothing like it!, he added.
The questions in the interview can be anything under the sun. It always helps if you attend the process with a “Positive Attitude” and “Self Confidence”. No one expects you to know the answer to each and every question but what matters is your approach to the problem/question.
For the preparation one need to brush up the basics of his/her “Graduation Subjects” and more so if he/she is a “Fresher”. People with Work-Experience should be ready to handle a few questions regarding their work. Try making a list of probable questions regarding your job and make a mental note of the possible answers. For some reason people are often asked a few questions on “Statistics”. Just be aware of the basic statistical terms (mean, mode, media, normal distributions, etc), suggested the expert.
Expect a few typical questions like “Why MBA?” “Long term and short term goals and how MBA fits into it?” “Which specialization you would like to opt for and why?” “Your take on entrepreneurship?” You might be asked questions about any drop in education or a sharp fall in marks at any stage (if any). Be prepared with the answer beforehand.
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