Ps4 Vs Xbox One – Final Verdict

In Summary: Ps4: For gamers, by gamers. The ultimate game console and gaming system. its awesome. Whether its AAA titles like Second Son or Indie games like …

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48 thoughts on “Ps4 Vs Xbox One – Final Verdict

  1. Let’s remember whats important:
    This holiday season most of us will be gathered in our homes with our
    families and friends. We’ll share traditional foods and traditional gifts.
    We’ll enjoy each others company and then we will sit down in front of our
    respective entertainment centers to share a game or two.

    Some of us will pick up WiiMotes and Wii U Pad’s. Some of us will grab our
    ps4 and hear that epic ps4 boot sound. Some of us will simply say, “Xbox.
    On.” But does any of those details really matter?

    This season millions of us will be sharing THE BEST GAMING AND
    doesnt matter what your system of choice is or even your game of choice.
    We live in a time where the gameplay, the graphics, the budgets, the
    systems, even the televisions we play them on are a miracle of modern

    I remember sitting in front of my little 14 inch black and white television
    christmas morning, after hooking up my atari 2600 up to it to play some
    “Combat”. That was magic.

    This winter I hope you enjoy that same kind of magic. Your magic will have
    better game play, better depth, better graphics, online capabilities, voice
    recognition, and a controller that looks like a spaceship. But In the end
    the experience is the same.

    We are gamers. We will game.
    We will enjoy the fruits of the labors of mankind to deliver you in front
    of that HD television, with that controller in hand, ready to game.

    Set aside our petty differences and realize that while our devices may have
    different brand names on them, we are all sharing that same glorious
    experience and we are some of the few humans in OUR ENTIRE HISTORY to do so.

    We are gamers. We will game 🙂

    Greatness awaits and all that ;)

  2. Its so weird reading these comments. a lot of fans of xbox are mad at me
    for not saying xbox is the best. a lot of sony fans are mad at me for
    missing out on some of the details from the playstation.

    Basically there is no way I could have ‘won’ this and kept everyone happy.
    But I meant what I said and I said what I meant.

    There is no wrong answer. Ps4 or Xbox, you’re going to have a wonderful
    time. If you’re not interested in enhanced tv and kinect features you can
    buy a ps4 and save 100 bucks. You’ll also be getting a wider variety of
    games that look 10% better due to hardware decisions. If you want enhanced
    tv and entertainment and can afford the 100 dollars there is NO reason not
    to get an xbox one instead.

    IN a perfect world, we’ll have both. The ps4 for naughty dog games and
    indie titles, and an xbox one for halo and enhanced tv. :)

  3. For those of us saying I am biased, I’ll be the first to tell you that you
    are right. I am biased by gaming because I am a gamer and so its a very
    natural decision I chose the system that is built for games and gaming.

    I love my xbox one and I plan to use it daily. I think you will love yours
    too. I love the camera, I love the enhanced tv watching, and I also love
    the games. If you’re an xbox fan and you’ve chosen xbox one you’ve not
    made a mistake. You’re going to love it too!

    But for me, the decision is simple; I get 90% of those features on the ps4
    once the camera is installed and the game selection is better suited for
    me. I don’t really want or need live tv while gaming, I just want to game.

  4. I appreciate your opinion on this, but honestly I think Xbox will win this
    console war. Yeah they had a weak launch, but it’s nothing like the
    disaster that was the Xbox 360 launch where consoles were actually starting
    on fire. But yet Microsoft won that console war over Sony even though
    everyone said Sony was gonna crush Microsoft. If I remember correctly it
    was similar between the original Xbox and Ps2 where Ps2 was projected to
    beat Xbox and Xbox won. I think the lesson to be learned is that when it
    comes to software Microsoft has more experience, and with the Xbox One it
    seems like they want to be put in a genre of their own. Personally I’m
    pleased with my Xbox One, it really has changed the way I do media.

  5. Hardcore gamers r all on xbox
    MLG Finals all on xbox everybody knows xbox has been top for a long time

    Not to mention the servers nd firmware xbox oner so much better
    Yeah ps4 got better graphics card nd GDDR5 but then again yu look at titles
    nd overall expierence of both consoles xbox tops

    If yu think bout everything xbox 360 had better then ps3 it was alot ps3
    lacked alot

    I would say more but im to fukn lazy so …..
    But both consoles are great i like the ps4 nd one but think if yu consider
    every aspect of gaming nd features xbox one has advantage but ps4 does hve
    it own advantages

  6. Ok. This fat retard just had to make a long ass video just to say which
    console is better. I’ll say it right now, the ps4 is the superior console.
    The ps4 is backwards compatible, upgradable, and it CAN play used games
    unlike the shitty xbone.

  7. My problem is I want the ps4 but all of my friends are on the xbox one.
    Only alternative is buy the ps4 and play what games I have on xbox360 with
    my friends and they probably wont play 360 as much. I feel like xbox did a
    better job at making a console that is different where sony didn’t have as
    many new concepts but presented themselves better and made better choices.
    So what should I do get the ps4? or buy the console I dont really care for
    and play with friends?

  8. I got my money back when I took back my xbox1. so happy I went and bought a
    graphics card now my pc kicks ass.
    I’ll be buying a ps4 next xmas when it has more games.

  9. Couldn’t of said it better, I’m trying to figure if I should get a ps4 or
    Xbox one first and since I play 360 I’ll get the one first and later on
    hopefully get the ps3, ps4, and ps vita hopefully sometime down the road
    but I think I’ll get the Xbox one for my b-day in a week, thanks bro for
    helping me decide.

  10. Bullshit!, BF4 looks better on Xb1, Don’t believe this Anime Sony loving
    Mook, go look at the comparisons, and the PS4 has nothing that looks better
    than Rise of Rome. 

  11. On the ps3 you can Netflix and other entertainment so it must be on the ps4
    so I would get the ps4 and on the Xbox 360 you can’t put your games on to
    the Xbox one I think but mostly I don’t know so I would like a correction

  12. Listen, huge, HUGE Xbox fan here. I don’t judge you at all! I started out
    with Sony, and I believe I’ll end with it, but the 360 was a really
    well-done system. I enjoy all the capabilities and would definitely enjoy
    the entertainment aspect of the xbone, but I’m perfectly happy with what
    the 360 offers. My ps3 500gb however, seriously disappoints. I like what
    Sony offers, but the ps3 doesn’t deliver it as well as I like, but the PS4
    sounds perfect.

    A question, if you would.
    How do you get into this testing profession? I’ve wanted to for a while but
    can’t seem to figure it out on my own.

  13. Thank you for keeping an independent opinion Boogie, most people in this
    neighborhood I am absolutely blessed to live in thanks to my grandparents
    are rich snobs who say “just get both.” I’m glad to see there is one person
    on the internet that understands what it’s like growing up with limited
    wants and sometimes even needs. :)

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