PS4 – Review

Editor’s note: an earlier version of this review stated that content purchased digitally from the PSN would be made unavailable when disconnected from the in…

My Battlefield 4 multiplayer gameplay with live commentary. Enjoy! ○ Insane PS4 BF4 Gameplay : ○ Twitter:…

48 thoughts on “PS4 – Review

  1. What about the disk drive? Does it make a lot of noise? My PS3 sounds like
    a damn chainsaw when it’s reading disks.

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  3. I have a question for anyone to answer. I’ve had my PS3 for a few years.
    About a year ago it’s begun to make a loud whirring sound. This sound has
    begun to increase in frequency until occurring immediately for watching any
    movie on Blu Ray or playing any game. It’s so loud, that if I’m listening
    to anything on my laptop, I need to put in my headphones and turn the
    volume to 80. I’ve spoken to gamestop people about it, and they thought I
    just needed to clean out dust. I’ve been trying to clean it, but there has
    been no improvement. It also often tells me I’ve got no room for certain
    games or functions, so I’ve been clearing out game data I don’t play often.
    Still getting that message. Is my PS3 dying? If so, should I purchase
    another PS3 or just upgrade to a PS4? I don’t have a lot of spare money to
    throw around, as I’m the only one in my home currently with a job. Is the
    PS4 worth it? Does it have backwards compatibility? Can my friend list and
    trophies be transferred? What are the PS4’s problems? Does the PS4’s online
    option cost money? And no, I don’t want a damn X Box.

  4. They both great is weather you want just gaming or you want a complete
    system, at end day they both have flaws but it comes to what you want as
    gamer ps4 looks way more sleek but you are able to do a lot more with xbox,
    these are the most amazing consels ever is just time will tell us witch one
    will really have the most affect in gaming 🙂 great review 

  5. Any else having problems with the controller’s thumbsticks? I’ve had to
    return 2 controllers already because the grip on the stick practically
    melts off after a month.

  6. I have both and the Xbox One is way better, the Ps4 is a step DOWN from PS3
    which can do more, it can play video and audio files from a memory stick,
    play files from your PC and has a You Tube app, PS4 has NONE of that making
    wish I hadn’t traded in my PS3!!!

  7. my only complaint is the lack of games but i guess its normal developers
    need time to make dem games….BUT I CAN’T WAIT !!!!! :D

  8. the ONLY thing that really bothers me is needing to be connected to play
    single player games ive downloaded from PSN

  9. Should I get this or a PS Vita and which games should I get with it? I do
    have a PS3, but I keep up with Nintendo a lot more than Sony so I’m a bit

  10. HOLD UP! Can’t store files locally or play games you’ve paid for and
    downloaded if you’re not connected to PSN? Those might be deal breakers for

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  12. If you bought the game from the playstation store, why would you worry
    about having to be connected to PSN. Because you needed to be connected to
    PSN to buy the games.

  13. Not gonna lie……I have a Ps4 and Wii u. I like both equally due to what
    they can do. Wii u’s gamepad is great and so is Mii verse. The Ps4 looks
    great(graphically) and the multitask feature is great as well as the cross
    game chat. I like the fact that I can send messages(text and voice) to
    friends and hop on the playstation store from my android phone. The
    integration with smartphones was a good idea. Microsoft has smart glass as

  14. i didnt find the light distracting, and I’m SOO ADHD. when you’re playing,
    it’s facing away from you so you can’t even see it

  15. Onecheesymofo when u finished this series can u pls buy Xbox one and do a
    series on getting to cernal with only the starter guns but you can change
    attachment that would be awesome so us Xbox one players can also play with
    u because I have been sub when u started EP 1 so I really wanna play with u
    if you read this pls reply with a response pls 

  16. Hey Nacho love your vids – you’re my best Battlefielder;) Have you ever
    thought of teaming up with some of your mates or just with some of your
    subscribers and playing battlefield together while talking to each other
    (in a PS4 party)?! Kinda like Squad Up that JackFrags, LevelCap, Machimo,
    DesertFox and FrankieOnPC do? It would be so entertaining and I’d be happy
    to be in your squad if you don’t have any mates that play bf4;)

  17. WTF is wolf trying to say? Haha but cheesy are you going to post the game u
    played over the weekend on operation locker? I was in that game and killed
    u once and wanted to brag to my younger brother luv ur vids tho <3

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