25 thoughts on “PS4 Instant Expert – 20 Things You Need To Know About PlayStation 4

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  2. What i like about theses features r that their doing things similer to
    smartphones. Its also doing things xbox one does without the need for
    kinect. For example xbox1 has snap for seeing two app on screen at once. On
    ps4 double clickin the home button switches between two apps witch is
    different but the ideas the same. Plus on xbox having both app on screen at
    once means u get sounds coming from both apps mixed. Ps4 also does basic
    voice commands for finding games fast and doesnt require the camera. And
    since the interface is so streamlined and uncluttered. U can reach any menu
    effortlessly. Now holding the home is more like an quick settings menu and
    more options only pop up when needed like the music menu. I especially like
    button for bringin up voice commands menu cuz i dont want say ps this and
    ps that. I can just click the button and say what i want. I hope microsoft
    is taking notes. Lol.

  3. 5 bad things about ps4

    1) no external hardrive support
    2) cant play music CD
    3) controller battery life is only 4 hours
    4) material on thumbsticks deteriorates
    5) Voice recognition sucks

  4. The controller battery life is abysmal compared to that of the ps3. I would
    like to turn off the blue light that constantly glows.I don’t have a camera
    so don’t feel the need for it to constantly be on.

    Sort psn out. Multiplayer gaming is all will and good but the about of
    maintenance time ruins this for gamers. Can’t the maintenance be done
    during early morning hours to reduce disruption?

    Here’s one fit game developers…the color palette has increased
    significantly. Choose colors that will contrast against the background. In
    kill zone they have green and orange text which is very hard to see against
    the background and the text size is too small. It’s sometimes hard to see
    who you are shooting at, friend or foe.

  5. i hate how you need to sign in another profile to use two control pads =(
    you can use it offline and as guest but its annoying i wish i could just
    connect control and play with two players

  6. So what I’d like to know is how using your old psn account from ps3 works
    on ps4, can you change your gamer tag? I’d really like to and how does
    using your real name work as well? Does it replace your gamer tag if you
    set it or does it only appear on your account and/or friends lists for your
    friends? Is there any other way to change your profile picture to a picture
    of you without linking Facebook because I don’t want to link my Facebook,
    I’m betting if there is it requires the camera. Also, is there party chat
    and how does chat work? No blue tooth or headset needed, just the
    headphones and controller? Want the ps4 but unsure of its worth the money
    right now and if anyone could clear these things up for me it would really
    help me make my decision, thanks! 

  7. I want to buy a playstation 4 in March 21, 2014 when Infamous second son
    releases. Can anyone tell me if there is a great possibility that my system
    will have hardware failures? I am less tempted to buy the system because of
    this and the many videos present in youtube about how the system fails
    after unpacking the box. 

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