Ps3 Console – Upgraded To Ps3 Slim From Ps3 40

I previously owned a 40GB PS3 Console and decided to upgrade to the new PS3 Console Slim. Here is my experience:

– a great Blu-ray player that is updated frequently by Sony ( firmware updates allow this player to evolve over time!)
– ability to rent/stream movies from my couch through PSN is great! No subscription required.( this was also present in the older models, just one that I love!)
– obviously the SLIM is lighter, smaller, and more energy efficient. (more efficient was a huge draw for me)
– much quieter than my 40GB PS3 Console! (especially during blu-ray playback and long game play!)
– PS3 Console Slim has ability to bitstream Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD MA audio( my receiver can now display TrueHD audio properly!)

– overall very easy and smooth process(took about an hour to backup and restore my data)
– ensure you de-Authorize your old PS3 Console before trading it in! PS3 Console will prompt you about this when formatting old PS3 Console.
– However, on your new PS3 Console slim, you will need to download ALL of your PSN content again! This will take some time, depending upon the amount of content you have bought and downloaded. (this includes your PSN games, expansion packs, and all your Rock Band or GH songs!)
– PLEASE NOTE: not ALL of my save game data transfered over! Apparently this is a well documented problem, that some games lock your save data to one console only! This was very disappointing as I lost all of my progress in games like Rock Band and Killzone! I am hoping these can be fixed with enough user complaints.

Overall, the same great PS3 Console experience! Easy upgrade process with a few gotchas to be aware of but this in no way takes away from the amount of value you get with this new PS3 Console!

PS3 Console – Cool as a Cucumber

There is not much more (if at all) to add to what “Aragorn” wrote in his review. Just wanted to comment on the issue of the temperature of the unit. After playing online for about 3 hours straight, the unit’s exhaust temperature is still less than 95 deg F. My PS3 Console is in my media cabinet but the back of it faces a cut out so the exhaust is not hindered. Also, I leave the front of the cabinet open when it is in use.

Love the unit. It paired immediately with my Motorola H350 headset and off I went. It is really a remarkable machine. My wife immediately commented on how good the graphics look and the true social networking application that is Playstation Home. I think I will get a wireless keyboard and mouse for it soon just to complete the package. It would be cool if FPS could use the keyboard and mouse rather than the controller to play but that is not a deal breaker for me.

For all who decide to purchase this amazing bit of computing genius, enjoy!

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