Project Cars – Azure Coast Helmet Cam PS4 Gameplay

Time for a casual tour of the Azure Coast in a Pagani Huayra during a casual sunset drive. Lots more content on the way. If you like retro games, check out Funstock…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided directly follows the aftermath of the Aug Incident, a day when mechanically augmented citizens all over the world were stripped of control over their minds and bodies,…

50 thoughts on “Project Cars – Azure Coast Helmet Cam PS4 Gameplay

  1. I’m not planning on smashing the cars up but would you be able to show what
    the damage model is like please Alan. Another great video btw :-)

  2. I really cannot wait for this! I never preorder a game unless it’s a
    company I really trust. Like I only preorder ‘naughty dog’ games but this
    game might be an exception!

  3. Those DoF effects look cool, in trying to simulate what the eyes do. I’ll
    definitely be turning that off though.
    In reality, you’d want to look at your dash, when on the straights, just
    when it blurred in-game!

  4. 4:42 what the hell happened there Alan ? did you get air then brake as you
    Alan this is officially the worst bit of driving i have ever witnessed from
    you. Hope that was just down to the fact that you didn’t have a wheel.
    Under steer in a Huayra? no way! Can you feel any grip in the tyres with
    this car?

  5. What’s the drifting like in this game? Hard to find content for it which
    slightly worries me since i do enjoy throwing a car around every now and
    then just for some less serious fun.

  6. Cant wait. Less then 2 weeks now. Hopefully Xbox makes it available for
    preload soon. Not that 18gb is much but i want it to play as soon as its

  7. What are the pit stops like, I remember seeing a video a few weeks ago and
    it was awful the engineers were floating. Another pit stop video I saw the
    car pulled into the pits and nothing happened 

  8. How does the physics compare to say Forza 5 & GT6? Are the cars easier to
    drive or more difficult? I would appreciate your opinion.

  9. Looking good 😉 but for me this is the racing Driveclubs for. I’d rather of
    seen some more circuits for Project Cars , not that there’s not a brilliant
    selection already. More open wheel racing please and circuit previews.
    Excellent quality video btw Team VVV.

  10. Nice video!! Alan please. A video showing the system of penalties.
    Hopefully they are well implemented online to penalize pigs and cheats.

  11. Watched almost every upload you’ve done on project cars and can honestly
    say I’ve enjoyed every min excellent work you got my sub…;)

  12. Appreciate the vids you (and others. The ones by the Germans are awesome)
    are releasing!!!

    No offence but the moment this game is released I won’t be backing back to
    YouTube to view more footage…. I’ll be raping this game for hours lol.
    Thanks again

  13. Since they bring back Adam (Which is really cool), do I ask too much when I
    hope that they consider saving Malik in Human Revolution as canon and bring
    her back, too?

    My little flygirl <3

  14. I have never played a Deus Ex game but because of this trailer I just went
    out and got Human revolution for five bucks. I’m so hyped for this lol. 

  15. That’s interesting. Looks like you might be fighting against the secret
    government which has enshrouded and delegitimized societies in all the Deus
    Ex games AND the “terrorists” as well. Could be a complex, respectable
    plot! Hope they kept the stealth mechanics and non-fatal takedowns in
    place, that’s where I derive most of my enjoyment from the Deus Ex

  16. I never got round to playing the previous game (Human Revolution) but does
    the franchise deliver in terms of story? And are the previous games worth
    playing? Looks exciting nonetheless!

  17. Do you guys think this is a good starting point for me to play dues ex?
    Being that it’s next gen and should be a better experience.

  18. You can’t imagine how much sugar I put into my coffee after watching this,
    because this day COULDN’T GET ANY SWEETER.

  19. 1. I am very excited
    2.I am from the Czech Republic
    3. I expect proper NPC dialogue in Czech, not Russian.
    4. The main villian has a Russian accent….

  20. Anninciato Deus Ex: Mankind Divided #cantkillprogress epico trailer per il
    seguito di una delle maggiori sorprese della old gen. Davvero uno
    spettacolo, mancano tutti i dettagli più succosi, per quelli bisognerà
    aspettare l’E3 a maggio.

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