Problems Of Xbox 360 DVD Drive


The first thing you should know is that if the warranty is still valid, then it is best to give the console an official Xbox 360 repair store. You are no charges for repair work they perform, and they also give you a warranty extension. Note that if you mixed in with the console or open it themselves, void the warranty automatically. The only disadvantage of this approach is that without having the console for a few days, while the Xbox 360 DVD drive instead of repair work.
If your warranty has expired then you have to make a choice. Most DVD-ROM drive on an Xbox 360 problems can be solved with ease, but this involves opening the console, so it should only be from someone who carried out comfortable and familiar with the workings of computer components. A repair shop will charge you a fee of $ 99 if you choose to go this route, and this is the next time that they take to return to the console for you.
Common Xbox 360 DVD drive problems
The most commonly seen complaints of this nature are not responding on the console when a game disc is inserted into. In some cases, the console is simplyfreezes or crashes, and in some other cases, it starts making noise very loud and unpleasant whirring. None of them are good signs, but they are clear indicators that something is wrong in your DVD drive. One way for you to tackle this problem is the various tutorial videos you find, can online that provide detailed descriptions on how to open the console and attach it to check the DVD drive.
Complicated problems with the DVD drive are needed to resolve this difficult and involve a faulty disc motor (this leads to the loud hum), a faulty laser assembly (leading to Xbox 360 DVD drive will not read games) or a simple magnet in The assembly does take brains. Solving each of these questions requires a careful study of the possible causes and solutions to the problem.
Common solutions to problems
So, before you open to repair the DVD drive, and even, or give it to a repair store for work or even choose Xbox 360 DVD drive replacement can decide yourself, you must try some of these quick fix methods, as they may come in handy.
The first thing you can do is clean the disk you have inserted into the drive. Sometimes a dirty disc or a scratched it does not work, and you can end up wrongly accusing the DVD drive to this problem.
To make sure that the problem with the disc itself, you can also try inserting a different disc in the drive to see if it works or not. Preferably, this other disc is a DVD movie and not in a game.
If there are any other storage devicesor peripherals that are connected to the console, then it is advisable to remove them and then insert the game disc back inside. Damaged equipment can be a load of problems, and the DVD drive is the first component, which get affected.
You can even try from a simple and proven remedies for cleaning the DVD drive inside, simply by enter. This will cause dust or debris that what is gone to a fault.
Turn on the console for some time and then try inserting the CD after a while. Overheating of the console is a frequent cause of many problems, but that is something that most people usually overlook.
None of these solutions work for you, then it’s probably best to hand over the console or the DVD drive, an expert. You may have to pay in terms of time and money, but that’s a sacrifice that you have to make. As a last resort, you can simply replace your DVD drive, but this should only happen if all else fails be.

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