Prizefight: Sony PSP Slim vs. Nintendo DS Lite

Prizefight: Sony PSP Slim vs. Nintendo DS Lite

It’s the battle for portable gaming supremacy! Brian Tong finds out who throws the hardest punch between the Sony PSP Slim and the Nintendo DS Lite.

Poll: How many episodes of the show have you seen? Experiment #83 – Nintendo DS Jory must really dislike Nintendo for some reason, ’cause…
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50 thoughts on “Prizefight: Sony PSP Slim vs. Nintendo DS Lite

  1. Tell me Some 3D Open-World Platformor Other Then Spyro The Eternal Night
    For DS.All The DS Does Is Copy Games From Consoles And Makes Them A
    Side-Scrolling Game.I Have A Library Of DS,GBA,N64 Games On My Pc.The
    Gaphics On The DS Are A Bit Better Then On A N64,DS Fans Please Stop Name
    Me 2 3D Platforming Open World Games On The DS

  2. +Jordon Nester i have both the psp and ds, both great. Although they
    obviously are now rather behind due to modern day gaming platforms.

  3. Ds has no good games on it PSP has a lot of good games AND STFU yes ds has
    gta Chinatown wars but psp has Chinatown wars and it’s better also VICE

  4. PSP is better than nintendo ds shit psp hSlas real games not like mario and
    it have a mic to it has a wifi

  5. I would like to try out a PSP but do feel like I’d get bored of it really
    fast. Doesn’t seem to have a library of games I’d enjoy, but the design of
    the PSP go appeals to me… DS totally deserved this though, it has a much
    better library.

  6. Is this one of the older version of nintendo ds because I have never seen
    a nintendo that looks like that?

  7. I hate you guys now my nintendo ds is my favorite gaming system i even play
    it when im in bed and i would only get rid of it if you othered me o
    9999999999 million dollars

  8. i have seen all 83 up to this point and plan on watching more.
    and also, no matter how many times you say it wasnt a waste to destroy
    these electronics people still wont listen. even if that ds was missing the
    entire screen section people would still bitch and complain about you
    “wasting it”. so just ignore the morons, and keep the videos coming.

  9. I have a pink DS light that doesn’t play games verry well and/or at all but
    my mom would kill me if I stuck it in the microwave. That’s ok though,
    because unlike my DSi, the charger doesn’t keep BREAKING!

  10. 1 question, I know it was a broken DS, but what was wrong, was the top
    screen broken, did the slot have broken pins, what was wrong with it?

  11. i watched 89 episoeds and i will soon catch up to the newest season and
    hopes he still making more episodes

  12. this reminds me of paper in a toaster oven [my mistake at …] but i love
    my 3DS and i will never toaster oven it

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