Power Rangers Super Megaforce 3DS Gameplay/Review [Power Rangers Super Megaforce]

This is an overview video of Power Rangers Super Megaforce for the Nintendo 3DS. I wanted to show some gameplay footage and give my thoughts on this game. Overall, I think this game is actually…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 thoughts on “Power Rangers Super Megaforce 3DS Gameplay/Review [Power Rangers Super Megaforce]

  1. Hassan, the game is, or should I say, was a cheap imitation of GOKAIGER in
    Japan. It is only based on red ranger keys, the other keys may probably
    serve as decoration. I think.

  2. Power rangers games are pretty
    Bad, they should make a Dynasty Warriors version that would be a good
    design for them.

  3. I loved the video did u ever get the green and white ranger keys to work
    could you do a video as playing as those two?

  4. After you beat like so many enemies you will be able to unlock the pink and
    yellow mighty morphin rangers I’m on level 4 of 2 and as you go threw the
    levels different henchmen from every season show up which I thought was

  5. maybe try scanning zeo red and see what happens maybe it will read it as
    mighty morphin pink, if you use my suggestion give me a shout out 🙂 

  6. Si activas el modo 3D en lo mas bajo, no se verán las lineas que captura la
    cámara, prueba o en algún próximo vídeo.

    Muy buenos tus vídeos, saludos :)

  7. I might want to get a 3ds and this game so I can have to Japan version and
    the American version.

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