25 thoughts on “Playstation 4 vs Xbox One : Part 1 – The History

  1. In the first part of Hengest’s Next Gen Comparison Series, we examine the
    history of the competition between SONY and Microsoft, how the previous
    consoles performed, and how that may affect this holiday season.

  2. I prefer Xbox but just because you like one thing it doesn’t make the other
    one bad. Besides, I played Playstation 2 before the dawn of time, & a time
    way before the Xbox. Then again, I prefer Xbox due to Halo, the
    controllers, the dashboard & online services. But of course, as an example,
    Playstation has f*cking The Last Of Us, friggen’ game of the year 2013
    (*every year ever so far) so they’re both great. Then again, it’s always
    fun seing fantards bash eachother. Ima go get some popcorn while talking
    the subject.

  3. I’m sorry, but tablets and other moble devices will probably never be able
    to compete with gaming consoles if we talk about solely gaming. Especially
    not since using the touch screen as a “controller” is nowhere near as fluid
    as a controller. Why do you think so many PC games have support for using a
    controller as an alternative to a keyboard and mouse? While I do think if
    they don’t have some sort of adaptation to other forms of media, such as
    what they’ve done with using netflix through your gaming console and the
    PS3’s gimic of a built in Blu Ray player, they won’t last long against the
    PC market, I think that this doesn’t mean they have to turn gaming consoles
    into Roku on steroids like the Xbox One did.

  4. Damn the history for these two consoles are super boring compare to the
    history between Nintendo and Sega’s consoles.

  5. Is this the same voice that did the PS3 vs 260 vids back in the day? The
    one on TechnoBuffalo’s channel?

  6. I really <3 the Xbox controllers but i also love Ps4. Is there going to be
    a way to use an xbox controller to the ps4?

  7. Actually, the PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 worldwide. It also took over the
    Xbox 360 in America very recently.

  8. Sony and Microsoft waited too long. There are significant portions of the
    market that just switched to PC. Look at Steam, and how it’s taken off in
    the past 3 years. I don’t think that the hardware provided inside either
    “next generation” system is enough to compete. They both struggle with
    1080P rendering, as computers are going towards 2.5 and 4K ultraHD

  9. There always needs to be two of something. Or most things at least due to
    the fact that the consumer has to have the ability to choose what they want
    over something else. Like taste and preferences when it comes to consoles.
    If someone hates the ps4 controller or the console in general then they
    could go with the better option. You see if there was only one console then
    people would have no choice to buy it if they wanted to play video games.
    It could be the worst thing ever but if there was a second better console
    then the consumer has something to fall back on. Market Competition.

  10. I get the computer thing but you can’t compare fucking angry birds on a
    cell phone to a console or pc game.

  11. Guys I’m a ps fanboy but I’m tired of this shit I don’t care if the fucking
    game system put me in the game I just wanna play games if your tired of
    this like me as well put this hashtag and comment doesn’t matter if Xbox or
    ps fanboy just say which one u are and put this hashtag #justhavefun

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