PlayStation 4 Review

PlayStation 4 Review (PS4) Read our full PS4 Review here: PS4 Controller Comparison: PS4 Setup and Software T…

Playstation 4 vs Xbox One : Part 5 - The Hardware

In the fifth part of Hengest’s Next Gen Comparison Series, we take a look at the Xbox and Playstation’s hardware configurations from birth to the modern age….
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Review

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  2. what the fuck know you have to pay for online play with the ps4. i am
    getting tired of these leeches suckin every dollar they can out of us. im
    tired of this shit when my ps 3 is done i will be upgrading to a gaming
    computer. fuck ps4 and xbox1 over priced garbage with to many catches. 

  3. I’m just picking up a 60 gig PS3… half the cost, and a shit ton of good
    games, some now a la cheap, especially with amazon’s sale. (GTAV is 33%
    off, as are many other games) And the used older games are pretty cheap.
    There is no reason to get a console at launch (Learned this with the WiiU.
    I love it, but I only play ZombiU and CoD BLOPSII)

  4. your crying about 8 hours of controller battery life??? i’m lucky if i can
    get 4 hours a day. but an idea you can do is buy another controller and the
    exteral charging jack to keep your controllers alive and fully charged

  5. I love this channel, but I hate how everyone talks exactly like Jon. Same
    cadence, same word exaggerations and waving hands. Still, this channel

  6. steam is free and has better deals. they don’t charge money for something
    that should be free, like game saves and multiplayer on a game you have
    already bought. O ya and i forgot steam sharing which allows me to play my
    friends games all for free, Sony and Microsoft are both the worst companies
    ever created, and close down everything.

  7. Ghost looking good!? are you kidding me? it’s the same game! Same graphics!
    same shit! with more shit on top of a huge pile of shit with…… you know
    the word

  8. how is contrast awful? I mean it does have some bugs, but look at some of
    the AAA games that still have terrible bugs! It’s an indie game and it
    still turned out nicely.

  9. 1- wtf is with her teeth

    2- did she really say she wish she could sign in with google+ becuase she
    doesnt use facebook……….. please tell me thats a joke LOL

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  11. I have both, but the PS4 is disappointing for me so much hype but it
    couldn’t deliver. The exclusives aren’t all that great. The PS4 is also
    very slow, and drops frames like no tomorrow on the UI.

  12. All these console wars…. It is necessary ? Xbox is dead, PlayStation
    rules. It’s simple ! But PC is the best.
    And u can plug gamepad too, so 😀
    Get gaming PC or PS 4, get Xbox and die.

  13. I am getting so suck of PC fanboys coming on here and talking shit to all
    console fans. Did it ever occur to you guys that there are reasons for us
    choosing a console over a high end PC?

    1.Consoles are much cheaper
    2.We don’t have the money, resources, or time to build our own PC
    3.Perhaps we prefer the exclusives, as a PlayStation player I don’t see
    Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Killzone, Infamous, or The Last of us on a PC.
    4.Consoles are better for your living room/bedroom gaming experience.

    I for one don’t have a desk in my room or in my living room.

    Although some will say otherwise I think a controller is WAY better than a
    keyboard. Much more natural.

    Also I know you can buy a controller for a PC but that is an additional 60$
    which just adds more to the already inhuman price of a PC (a PC that is
    superior to a PS4 that is)

  14. RAM doesn’t matter if the GAMES aren’t great. That is the point, GAMES. If
    you like Killzone then get a PS4. If you like Titanfall and Halo get an
    Xbox One now STFU. Console war participants are proof that they aren’t true

  15. I remember when I use to love video games not so much anymore. I just don’t
    enjoy gaming much any more like I use too. PS3 & 360 last consoles I’ll
    ever own! Time for a new hobby when not at work or with my girl friend. Had
    many good memories & fun times.

  16. I love my PS4, I used to have an xbox 360, but screw microsoft, they focus
    on other people, while sony focuses on gamers. I bought the system to GAME,
    to play exclusives, I already have a multimedia center that is far superior
    than the xbone called the PC, why would I buy a shitty PC? Honestly, I have
    high hopes in the games of PS4

  17. Are PC gamers really that insecure? Why do they keep bringing there BS into
    these console conversation? And they all say the same shit that we already
    know. Are you just bragging ’cause you can build your own super gaming PC?
    Nobody cares!!! Nobody’s just gonna change their mind from buying a console
    to buying a PC just because you say it’s better. Majority of people who
    play video games just wanna buy a Plug And Play gaming system with less or
    no hassle. Listen man, we know you feel superior with you super gaming PC
    but keep out of the console conversation. Don’t you have a PC gaming haven
    that you can go and talk about PC stuff? Oh yeah, nobody’s really talking
    about them?

  18. I don’t like the Xbox one because it’s to big and the Xbox one sucks. Why,
    I’ve heard that when the knect is connected their is suppose to have smoke.
    Ps4 is for the win with all the new technology on the console and
    controller. I have a ps3 and I don’t have any problems.

  19. PS4 is a great machine. Load times suck! controller is less than 3 months
    old and already falling apart. freezes all the time. 2.4ghz wifi only.
    Camera is flat out terrible! people say its all about gaming with
    ps4….not true! they want to be as much a part of your living room as MS.
    Nothing mentioned about network security. also these guys can speculate
    on cpu speed, but sony wont confirm what speed cpu is. Network play is
    still as choppy and unreliable as ps3. PS4 is beautiful though! has best
    controller ever made(except build quality). Sony really thought out their
    product this time. If they could make a better OS then things would really
    be a lot better than they are. Playstation alone is not going to save the
    company. I am anxious to see what else is it that they do. 4k is a

  20. I have played bot Xbox One and PS4 and I prefer Xbox, the only thing I
    don’t like is is the price $499.99 if it were lower I would buy it.

  21. I have both a PC and a 360. And while i love playing on the PC, some games
    just make more sense to me on the console. I couldn’t see playing GTA5 on
    the computer (i know they didn’t release it on PC but i wouldn’t have
    gotten it on there anyway) because way more of my friends play xbox and
    also the dynamics of a game like that are more suited to a controller. But
    as FPS goes, i have really enjoyed and gotten used to playing then on the
    PC. BF4 looks amazing and i would never go back to the console for an FPS
    (besides maybe COD). I enjoy both (PC and console) equally and i hope i can
    help settle some of the intense arguments flaring up haha. 

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