25 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Announcement Live Stream (Replay)

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  2. Ps4 CPU: 1.6GHz
    Xbox one CPU: 1.75GHz

    Ps4 GPU cores: 1152
    Xbox one GPU cores: 768

    Ps4 GPU clock: 800 MHz
    Xbox one GPU clock: 853 MHz

    Ps4 memory: 8GB gen DDR5
    Xbox one memory: 8GB gen DDR3

    My opinion is they both have there advantages and disadvantages but they
    both even each other out really but if you are a hardcore gamer then go for
    the ps4

    PS. Did you know that the graphics differences are not even vissable by the
    human eye

  3. Maaaan PS4 can suck my left nut. Xbox one and PS4 have pretty even specs,
    PS has some better ones and so does Xbox. Only real thing PS4 has on Xbox
    is its size and no power brick.

  4. 9:06
    Sony: PlayStation™ Four.
    Sony are badasses.

  5. Listen up people. Stop fucking fighting. This is the exact opposite thing
    we should be doing right now. So lets go over this… each console offers
    different services. The way you pick a console is by weighing the pros and
    cons then choose which console fits your needs. Do you play online a lot?
    Socializing with friends? Which one offers the best online service? Don’t
    do much online gaming? Which one offers better gameplay? Want to watch
    movies, TV and sports? Or just want more focus on gaming? Is the amount of
    memory important to you? What kind of games do you enjoy? FPS or RPG? How
    do you like your controller layout? These are things you determine when
    choosing a console. Don’t be a naive fanboy.

    You don’t seem to realize how important Xbone is to the PS4. You don’t
    realize how important PS4 is to the Xbone. Like in the past the XB360 was
    so great because PS3 was there pushing them. And the PS3 was so great
    because XB360 was there pushing them. You do NOT want one company to own
    the market on consoles! It will be a horrible experience for gamers. Even
    now were still screwed. Why? Xbox Live cost money monthly to use, while PSN
    was free. Once Sony saw people are willing to pay for online services they
    weren’t too far behind. Now they both cost money. This is called the *domino
    effect* the more companies the more amount of time it takes to affect the
    market. But with gaming we have PS, Xbox, Wii U and PC… that’s it!
    Meaning it happens very fast. So lets say 8 months from now when everyone
    has their new consoles, one of these decides to launch DRM. Won’t happen?
    How are you so sure? One of them already tried, they *will* do it again.
    All it takes is a required patch download, refuse to download it? What’s
    that prompt that comes up when you say that? You’ll be disconnected from
    online services if you refuse to download this update? Yeah, you’ll have no

    That whole fiasco with the Xbone and Microsoft made PS fans laugh… when
    it should have made them aware. If ever there was a time to stop fighting
    now would be it. They are slowly taking away your freedom, and they are
    getting ready to make it even worse. Online passes, no used games without
    paying extra for a game code, no borrowing games from friends, having to
    register games on your console, no downloading anything off the internet
    browser on your console, required internet access for offline play,
    required internet access just to turn on your console, companies forcing
    their programs/products on you, charging money for patches/fixes, required
    DLC and no refunds on games… ever. These things are either happening now
    or will be. Don’t think Sony would do it? Gaming companies are still
    hassling Sony and Microsoft to redeploy DRM. Which strips gamers of freedom.

    Stop fueling the console wars. Instead we need to band together cause these
    problems will return. And it won’t be PS vs Xbox anymore, it will be Gamers
    vs Gaming Industry. We need to be ready to fight DRM cause it *will* be
    back one day… mark my words.

  6. My PlayStation 4 that i got on day one is working Great. Games work good
    aslo. Tho Nba live 14 looks bad on both PS 4 and Xbox one. Almost like
    aliens game that came out on ps 3 and Xbox 360. PS 4 is fast way smaller
    than Xbox one. interface is good but hoping few more firmware updates makes
    it better. Able to use my vita with the ps 4 is cool. And cross game
    chating is good tho took us 7 years to get on sony lol. And to be able live
    stream what your playing and chat is cool.

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