25 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 “Super Slim” Unboxing

  1. Watch the guys unbox the new Super Slim PS3 and compare it to other things
    we had in the office. Do you plan to buy the new model?

  2. First off all, I own both a PS3 and a 360. Secondly, my comment was in
    response to that other douche…not because the PS3 is a shitty console,
    but because this new PS3 is a shitty console. The PS3 slim was perfect,
    they should have left it alone, but instead Sony decided to redesign and
    took a step backwards in the design. This new PS3 is horrid, it looks cheap
    and very susceptible to breakdown from that flimsy new BD tray mechanism.
    That’s what I was referring to. Now, kindly, fuck off.

  3. Hi Welche Konsole würdet ihr mir eher empfehlen? Die ps3 super slim 12gb
    oder die psvita? Info zu mir : ich spiele hauptsächlich nur FIFA und CoD.

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