25 thoughts on “OnLive, Games on Demand!

  1. You skeptics are so wrong. it’s not as if they’re throwing it out there
    with no consideration for the percieved flaws and biases. First of all its
    been in development for over seven years. For lag their remedy is division
    into regional zones of online game play= a pretty damn good connection. As
    far as titles the gaming developers will continue to rake in the cash while
    onlive simply utilizes a technology that some say wont be duplicated for
    another twenty years. Do research. Give it a chance.

  2. I’m going with this. I won’t have to buy any more consoles, spend money on
    games, or repair anything, because there is no laser or cart reader to
    break down.

  3. What I wanna see is someone actually using this service at mid range from
    there servers. Here you where probably, if at all, just playing in a LAN
    like setting.

  4. they get mad because they’re just fucking pussy fanboys ,that’s why . Guys
    , just take it like man. You are getting raped.

  5. i can’t see this working :/ its very interesting though 😉 as long as the
    price isn’t huge she needs to put her gut away

  6. what? of course people will (eventual) trust digital games, people trust
    digital music, movies, and games already (pspGO and xbox live downloads for
    example) trust me people will eventual cross over to digital games.

  7. hmm why? this is better than having one console, you can play games of the
    three consoles. whats the problem with that, you are just telling us to
    spend unnecessary money.

  8. WebVMan they are not going to offer you the games, the internet connection,
    the pc to stream the service neither the OS for the pc and I think this has
    fees, if you stop paying you will loose everything and if you start to have
    competitors services you will have the more damaging than anything:
    exclusives war.

  9. oh right thx for the corection i probly could have done the research but i
    got lazy an eventualy forgot about it lol.

  10. Hardly. Unless they change the laws of physicist that is. -You go online
    and try to play a multiplayer game with 500 ping and see how much you will
    enjoy it. -Or try to watch HD stream on ISDN line. -How many people can
    actually run Crysis on the highest settings simultaneously on there
    servers? This service has its limits, yet to be reviled…, but for some it
    might work well enough.

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