Nintendo's new nightmare

Nintendo's new nightmare
The Sony box has clearly accelerated the steady erosion of Nintendo's 3DS portable console sales. In the week ending February 23rd, the 3DS moved just 30,000 units, down from 41,000 the previous week and 74,000 from a year ago.This drop has been …
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History in Handheld: A Yoshi retrospective
Since his debut in Super Mario World, Mario's prehistoric pal has appeared in a bunch of games. Yep, Yoshi is a regular participant in Mario's various kart races, tennis matches, golf tournaments, and underground fighting matches. But let's narrow down …
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Flappy Bird ports/clones come to 3DS, Pebble smartwatch, and more
This week, at least, it seems the officially inaccessible Flappy Bird is the programming proof-of-concept of the moment, with a new version of the game popping up for the 3DS though a downloadable programming app. The unexpected port comes to …
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