Nintendo 3DS XL vs 3DS

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50 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS XL vs 3DS

  1. I want a 3DS but I’m a broke college kid :(. So I got a $60 preowned DSi
    and got Pokemon White 2. Hopefully I’m not too behind in technology -_-

  2. Was gonna buy a 3DS next week since i got the new pokemon game. This video
    made up my mind and 3DS XL it is! :)

  3. i have had both the xl and original and i can say i like the xl better, my
    cousin brung his original one over to my house when i had got use to the
    xl, and dam that thing was small

  4. also you (not directly at austin because i love your channel) all expect a
    better camera quality IT ISNT A CAMERA just a HANDHELD GAMING CONSOLE the
    camera is just for fun to mess with and stuff!

  5. What annoys me is that a lot of people say this “I like the 3dsxl better
    because it has a bigger screen.” and im thinking so what its the same
    resolution!!!!!!! and honestly the stylus problem i can relate to but most
    reasons are because its bigger! it annoys me because the 3ds is perfectly

  6. is it just me or is the 3ds a major dust magnet, i bought mine brand new
    and opening it for the first time there was dust and i cannot for the life
    of me keep all dust out of the screeen, and im a fanatic with my machines

  7. I like the XL better because the screen is much bigger,more battery life,
    you can see less fingerprints (not really a big issue) but the problem that
    i have with the normal 3ds is that my hands starts to cramp up when i play
    a long period of time the XL is more comfortable when playing games for a
    long time

  8. I prefer the original 3ds. I was never a fan of the larger screens.
    Hopefully i’ll be getting one for Christmas! Must admit that Zelda one
    looks gorgeous. 

  9. Got a quick heads up about the original 3ds. Got an initial batch one,
    foolish enough to preorder a console. When the screens are closed together;
    the rim of the bottom screen presses against the top. This means any tiny
    amount of grit, dirt or anything for that matter indents into the top
    screen. Mine had some very nice scratches in it after about a month.
    So I would really suggest either getting screen protectors or just go for
    the XL

  10. I am not talking specifically to Austin, but I hate when people say “The
    camera quality could be better”. You bought a handheld gaming console, NOT
    A CAMERA! lol, just upsets me.

  11. so, i think i have a theory as to why nintendo gives you a 4GB card w/ the
    2DS and 3DS XL. over time the price of digital memory has gone way down and
    it probably costs nintendo about the same amount of money now to throw in a
    higher capacity card

  12. I have a Nintendo Lite …… It’s dead now one day I went to turn it on
    and it was dead. wierd.. But I am getting the 3DS XL after I did good

  13. animal crossing new leaf episode 1 you inspired me to play animal crossing
    new leaf and get a 3ds so thanks!

  14. Zack the Red Eggs give you Star guys when it crush, and the yellow ones
    give you coins. Hope you’ll see it love your videos man!!! 

  15. I love your new outro! Them kitties so cute! I don’t really remember what
    the first video I watched was, but it might have been either The Walking
    Dead or Paper Mario Sticker Star.

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