Nintendo 3DS Video Review

Nintendo 3DS Video Review

IGN gives its video review on the new Nintendo 3DS portable console. Does the new glasses-free 3D handheld tech live up to the hype? IGN’s YouTube is just a …
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50 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Video Review

  1. If you a 3ds or a 3ds xl, make sure you get super mario 3d land. It is
    really fun. It seems a little short, but its actually a decent length. Plus
    it really utilizes the 3D of the system.

  2. Lol Mr Nintendo, u such a nerd! Nintendo is a co-operation who wants to
    earn all there money from little kids.. Without thinking of the old gamers
    who love to play on Nintendo and who are thinking about the games from
    earlier. I’d bought a Nintendo 3ds xl and i am allready feeling sorry for
    it. Try to search good games and instead i found some new ‘nice’ games who
    is missing really important details like the story from the new zelda game
    a link between worlds, IT SUCKS DEFFINENTLY. I mean, the graphics are cool
    but it looks like clay when youre playing in 3D. And the story line is
    something made-up in a hour of two. (Zelda get captured, get her back
    basicly) Normally i love this game but now i stay true to the Ocarina of
    Time. Another thing is, you are not allowed to switch between diddy kong
    and others in the new donkey kong country. I was excited to buy that game
    but after seeing complaining gamers i released that thought out of my mind.
    And the new donkey kong country freeze thing does have it after complaining
    costumer-gamers but its only for Wii U. (Oh my lord) I tell you if they
    just be patience with realeasing the new 3D games it would be a much better
    game-play experience for everybody. Also mario party island tour is missing
    bowser and all that kind of stuff. Hate the way they make there new games
    without looking back to the old one.

    Conclusion : I hate my life for buying an Nintendo 3ds xl 😀

    If you agree with me thumbs in the air

  3. Nice review man, I got a 3DS and XL. Awesome. Not sure i’ll get a 2DS maybe
    down the line. BTW, 1:14 in or so looks like Shao Kahn is standing in the
    background lol reflected in the 3DS.

  4. I am thinking of buying a 3DS or 3DS XL but cannot decide. I definitely
    don’t like stretched graphics and pixelated graphics. It appears there is
    some kind of dithering on the XL? Or is that just from the video?

  5. Some minor nitpicks but overall great rundown of the 3ds family so far. You
    forgot to mention the infrared sensor lol eventhough you hovered over it a
    couple times. I was like I bet he forgets to mention it :). The 3ds xl has
    a cool feature with the 3d slider that the regular 3ds doesnt, the 3ds xl
    can lock the 3ds slider off completely so you dont accidently slide it up
    like he original 3ds. Also the regular 2ds has one whole lcd panel behind
    the plastic instead of two seperate screens. The 3ds xl has a different
    feeling and size analog stick. The 3ds original and 2ds have pretty much
    the same one just a different color. I love my 3ds xl and thats the best
    choice imo. 

  6. I read that there are more variations of the 3ds in japan. I am looking to
    import one, gonna go with the 3ds XL (LL in japan), except of course there
    is another nice model some people know of. The XL actually feels a little
    too large for my hands and not as portable, the “normal” 3ds however is
    just a tad to small :/.

  7. Evolution of DS :Ds, Nintendo Ds, Dsi, Dsi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, (2 years

    Mom : Look at this commercial

    Commercial : Remember the 2DS? Well now there’s a 2DS XL, Remember how you
    bought every DS, and all their accessories for your kids?, Well fuck that
    shit, BUY THIS AND ALL ITS ACCESSORIES (Old accessories don’t work on the
    new 2DS XL)

  8. Honestly,, I think the 2ds is pretty awesome, and totally more cost
    First, Having no hinge is no problem, no 3D is a bonus, cause I wouldn’t
    use the feature anyways, makes my head hurt, and strains my eyes. I wish
    it had a bigger screen size cause then it would be the best one out of the
    Furthermore, the only, ONLY downside is that it is quite chunky, so can’t
    put in your pocket, so it means you must have a place to carry it. which is
    perfectly fine for me, i’ll just have it in sleep mode in my backpack. But
    others may not like it :)

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