Nintendo 3DS – Kirby Gameplay Teaser

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50 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS – Kirby Gameplay Teaser

  1. I’m super excited! I really hope Nintendo makes this games challenging
    again like my childhood games were. I’m done with squeak squad and epic
    yarn, I want an intense final battle again.

  2. I am so happy I have a 3DS… now I have ANOTHER game to add to my awesome
    3DS games! Pokemon Y, now Kirby! 😀 This pink cottonball…… THIS. PINK.
    COTTONBALL….. IS INSANE…. no really, Kirby is insanely awesome.

  3. I’m really looking forward to this game. Kirby games rarely disappoints me.
    My only nitpick I have with this game is that it looks pretty similar to
    Return to Dreamland. I hope HAL puts a lot of new gameplay ideas that makes
    this game fresh & original like they did with other Kirby titles. I’m sure
    HAL will think of something in order to make this Kirby title great,
    considering that HAL really knows how to take care of their Pink Star
    Warrior very well.

  4. I kinda like how they didnt include the customizing option for the XL. Most
    likely, they’ll have limited editions for the XL. Like they do now. I’d be
    pretty pointless to have special edition artworks on the cover if you could
    just slide on a lid to match it

  5. why did they move the stylus spot -.- they fixed with the 3dsxl, its
    almost fluid to take it out, but now.. hmm

    and theres no screen resolution update, now i say this because a tokoyo
    company figured out how to take the 3ds and output it to a big hdmi tv,
    while IMPROVING the display resolution, and boy, it looks way better, im
    pretty sure there using some nifty
    texture smoothing tech, but its possible.

  6. Guess what. You’re mostly talking to Americans, man. It would be nice to
    include how much your “pounds” equal over here. Just saying.

  7. will they still release Mario Kart, Super Mario, Smash Bros, and Pokemon on
    the 3DS XL or will i have to get the New 3DS in order to play future
    installments? (those are the games im most interested in)

  8. Well, nintendo you are just a little bastard don’t you? I just bought the
    fucking 3ds XL not knowing there would be a new fucking one…What a hell

  9. Disappointed that you can not customize the LL and I wish the second
    analogue stick was the same size as the other, that one looks far to
    fiddly.. best part I think is the improved viewing angles

  10. it disappoints me how bad nintendo is I mean. If you are to think of
    they’re situation they’re just being what I would like to title as “Money
    Hungry.” Its more than a let down to find out a few modifications have
    been made.. I mean I would rather have the original 64 than these new
    models. Nintendo seems to lack the modesty of actually listening to their
    consumers and honestly because of that I don’t think they will ever be able
    to hold a competition other than the latest generations of consoles I mean
    I would rather have an emulated version on my P.C. Than a low resolution
    image of a great game. Nintendo if you read this I want you to notice
    something. We’re tired of rehashed items! I mean don’t get me wrong SSB4
    was ‘Okay.’ The whole roster of characters could have been much more
    better. The 3ds wasn’t all that durable simply because if you close your
    3ds the screen was constantly pressed against the frame of the lower
    screen. I had to go out my way to solve that issue, while you Nintendo
    refused to fix the damn thing.. Your Wii U. It was a terrible idea.. I mean
    why not just do the same thing as the 3ds? Call it the New Wii and just
    increase the resolution and ram. Not only that fix the damn sensors because
    they need some work. This is my official goodbye and F$:@ You Nintendo.

  11. No. Smash isn’t making use of it. As it’s already available, and i trust
    that it will be optimized for the old 3ds.

  12. If I buy this over ebay, will i have the option to change the language to
    english, cuz I don’t understand japanese, and I guess that by the reason I
    will buy it from japan it will be in japanese, so I want to know so I don’t
    waste money… Or what if I put a english game that isn’t from japan, will
    it change anything¿

  13. I was really thinking hard about whether to get a 3ds xl or a ps vita. I
    came to a conclusion that I want a 3ds xl. Buuut now that I have heard that
    a new one will be coming out,(still don’t know when it will come out, and
    also live in u.s) I don’t know if I should 1. Get the 3ds xl or 2. Get the
    vita and wait for the new 3ds to release. Please help.

  14. I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back into my Nintendo gaming and
    this with Super Smash Bros 3DS (along with Pokemon X/Y & the new
    Ruby/Sapphire remakes) is the perfect excuse!


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